Creating a shared subscription

You can create a shared subscription to topics that other editors can use. This is a useful feature when a subscription has complex filtering criteria. For example, a group of editors are responsible for monitoring publications of articles and images tagged Astronomy to the site Inspire Confidence. One editor can make a subscription for those messages, and all the other editors subscribe to it.

To create a shared subscription:

  1. In the header, click your username > Profile > Main.
  2. Under Main > Notifications > Subscriptions, click add_circle_outline.
  3. From the Topic list, select Shared.
  4. In the Subscription field, click search.
  5. Under Create, select the topic for the subscription, and then click New.
  6. In the Name field, type a name for the subscription. As a best practice, use a name that provides a cue about the subscription’s content filters.
  7. Using the following resources, complete the subscription for the selected topic:

    • Click Save. Creation of a shared subscription is complete, and other editors can now use it.
    • Click Back at the top of the content edit form to return to the content picker.
    • Click the shared subscription you created, and close the content picker. You return to your profile.
    • Click Save.

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