Cloud Management

From common challenges in multi-cloud management to the tools you need when selecting a cloud-management platform solution, everything you need to know about multi-cloud management platforms.

Built for use by our own cloud-engineering teams, here are eight great features in our Ops Desk product that are made to make engineering teams' lives more efficient and effective when managing multiple cloud resources and instances.
With cloud-management resources spread across an ever-growing array of instances and resources, cloud teams need a way to identify and respond to incidents before they get out of hand. Here's how Ops Desk is designed to facilitate effective cloud incident response and resolution.
The world of cloud management can be chaotic. With lots of moving parts, any number of problems can happen that require speedy fixes so that the clouds are working properly. Ops Desk gives cloud teams the insights that they need in order to enjoy a more seamless environment.
Ops Desk was built with the understanding that engineers rely on the different tools they currently use to get the job done, but bringing all of those events that take place within the different services under one user experience would vastly improve cloud teams' overall effectiveness.
At the heart of Brightspot is a steadfast commitment to helping our customers work smarter, faster and more seamlessly. Which is why when our operations team was facing challenges managing complex cloud infrastructures, we knew we had to tackle these issues—not just for ourselves, but for our customers, too.
Ops Desk simplifies the management of cloud architectures and the content challenges for its customers. Here's why we built the product and some of its key benefits and features.

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