Top 10 benefits of Brightspot GO for media companies

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof

Today's media landscape doesn't wait or slow down: the always-on, always-accessible demands from digital audiences require a solution that's fast, nimble and easy to learn for content teams. That's where Brightspot GO Media comes to the fore, a new solution developed specifically to supply media companies with everything they need to launch, run and monetize a website out of the box, from day one.

What is Brightspot GO?

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot GO packs the power of the Brightspot CMS into a ready-to-build version that allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences at astonishing speed, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

How can Brightspot GO help media companies?

Media companies today must deliver content to more devices, in more languages, faster than ever before—and they need to be able to support constantly changing consumption patterns, while delivering increasingly personalized content. To be successful, modern newsrooms seeking to meet these evolving viewer demands must put technology in place that will enable them to deliver engaging, customized, multichannel content at speed. 

Media companies want a solution that supports everything needed to launch, run and monetize a website, including a best-in-class publishing interface, advertising tools, native video support and personalization and syndication capabilities, without overburdening their IT department. This is where Brightspot GO comes in.

Brightspot GO benefits for media companies

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Astonishing speed
Speed to market when it comes to breaking news and reporting on stories first is also a top priority for media organizations and news publishers in order to be seen as trusted sources and stand out from the competition.

Beyond delivery timely news, consumers expect speed across all areas of their digital experience, from being able to find the right information quickly to an always-on, always-accessible immediacy no matter the device.

In short, speed is of the essence—and Brightspot GO prioritizes speed for you, so teams can focus on their next set of unique business challenges and opportunities.
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    Unparalleled publishing experience
    Media companies need the ability to push content to all their channels in a single publishing step. Having access to publishing workflows customized to their publishing models with Brightspot GO helps to ensure that’s possible.

    We've worked with some of the biggest media brands in the business to help formulate collaborative features, workflows and publishing tools that drive success across newsrooms, dispersed teams of contributors and the fast-paced world of reporting and journalism.
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      Reduced IT impact
      Brightspot GO lessens dependence on IT without compromising the publishing experience, ensuring media brands have the agility needed to deliver the right content, at the right time, and on the right channels.

      Save time and money by unleashing your content and editorial teams to create, and your valuable developer resources to build and innovate.
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Brightspot GO has flexibility baked in so media companies can adjust according to the ebb and flow of their industry. One example is the flexible templates that come with GO—article, listicle, gallery, live blog—that give these publishers the ability to tell every story imaginable, in every format imaginable.

      Meanwhile, media companies looking to integrate with existing front ends and code bases can choose GO Headless for a solution powered by our GraphQL-powered headless platform and ultimate flexibility in managing modular content across channels and endpoints. Brightspot GO Headless includes the powerful capability to create new content types within the CMS that will help deliver the content experiences you need no matter the channel.

      For the business buyer

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      Rich editing and publishing experiences 
      Media companies have a keen awareness for what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to editing and publishing experiences because they live it day in and day out. That’s why Brightspot GO is built by publishers and developers for a functional and intuitive experience tailored to how you work. 

      Spotlight features like our robust yet intuitive rich-text editor place the most important controls and content areas front-and-center to optimize content creation, editing and publishing while reducing extra clicks and visual distractions. Built to work seamlessly across devices, the UI is fully responsive so you can write and create from your desk, a seat on the train, out in the field or wherever your work takes you.
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      Modular and global content capabilities
      Brightspot GO provides businesses finite control of their content—down to smallest areas of individual elements—in order to be able to distribute based on any device. Modular content capabilities allow companies to create and update once, then publish everywhere, efficiently. This is incredibly important for media brands that need to publish the same content across different regions and languages quickly, without changing the meaning and elements of the story.

      In short, make all your content work for you seamlessly while keeping control of the editorial process through one centralized system to manage reviews, approvals, distribution and ongoing content governance.
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      Media companies rely on fast, efficient ways to organize authoring, production, and syndication processes to easily track work within complex content production processes and flows, and Brightspot GO provides the ability to do just that with customized workflows.

      GO Media gives you the power to create and organize whatever workflows and steps you need in place to connect the content—text, images, video and more—with the teams of writers, editors, photographers and creatives involved throughout the whole content-development process. The end result is speed and agility, as well as ultimate quality assurance and accuracy with all the right system checks in place.

      For the technical buyer

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      With Brightspot GO, you can go headless, use a head or do both. Brightspot GO Headless gives you the ability to use multiple independent heads connected to specific channels and comes with its own decoupled systems for managing content strategically across endpoints. Media brands today know that the ways in which people interact with digital media are fluid and changing, making the concept of a headless CMS more valuable than ever before.
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      Brightspot GO provides the ability to easily and deeply integrate additional third-party and proprietary systems into the publishing workflow. This includes analytics tools, email service provider integrations, and sponsored content, playlist and video companion functionality, which are all key components that make today's media brands successful. 
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Media companies seek solutions that future-proof their businesses, making it painless to evolve alongside technology without needing to continually catch up or for platform-specific development resources to become available. Brightspot GO is designed to support your organization’s ambitions and growth, ensuring you won’t need a new CMS as your organization evolves.

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