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Extend your tech stack effortlessly with all the essential third-party integrations

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Brightspot comes with more than 70 pre-built integrations to popular third-party software solutions for digital publishers.


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Monetize your digital presence through integrations with Taboola, Outbrain and Google Ad Manager. The Ad Manager integration includes third-party ad networks, header-bidding, key-value pair targeting and all of the robust ad capabilities upon which publishers rely to compete and drive digital advertising ROI.


Brightspot CMS analytics dashboard

Track how your digital assets are performing without ever having to leave the CMS. Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager integrations enable you to seamlessly flow data into your respective GA and GTM accounts. Plus you can easily configure analytics dashboards within the CMS to track usage, engagement and all the metrics that are critical to your business. Combine these with built-in insights that track publishing activity throughout your CMS instance for a comprehensive overview of how all your content is performing and delivering against your core KPIs.

Content syndication

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Reach readers through your own publishing channels, but also in all the places they consume content. Apple News, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles open out to massive online audiences with a hunger for source material wherever they may be, and through whatever device they happen to have at their fingertips. Rather than require a separate step or development process to syndicate your most important material, content syndication tools are available directly in the CMS interface to give editors full control throughout the whole publishing process.

Marketing tools & services

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Drive awareness and engagement with the marketing tools that matter. Integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Pardot and other marketing-automation platforms provide the connective tissue between audience acquisition and downstream sales enablement. With essential audience acquisition forms and CTAs configured and published across a website, another common use case for CMS integrations is with popular email service providers like Mailchimp or Sailthru. With these in place, marketers can create and deliver email newsletters directly within the CMS without ever having to leave the publishing workflow.

Media libraries & digital assets

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Tell your story with images and video, all easily accessible and managed through a single intuitive, search-driven UI. Adobe Stock, Associated Press, Getty Images or Shutterstock provide organizations with robust libraries of media and assets. Likewise, videos from online video platforms (OVPs) like Brightcove, JW Player, Vimeo or YouTube need to integrate seamlessly within any modern publishing workflow. With the effort of a simple handful of clicks to integrate, Brightspot makes searching for and incorporating any digital asset within the CMS or through third-party sources as easy as finding a recipe on a Google search.

Subscriptions & paywalls

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Enabling subscriptions and dynamic paywalls for certain types of premium content—as well as creating segmented and personalized experiences—is an increasingly critical aspect of many content experiences today. Publishers, e-retailers, membership-based organizations and others can leverage out-of-the-box integrations with Zephyr and Piano, for example, to put their most valuable content behind registration or subscription "walls."

Translation & localization

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Reach new audiences across languages and geographies with out-of-the-box integrations with Google Translate, Lingotek, AWS Translate and other AI-based translation services. Content localization is also important as it enables you to present different experiences and messaging based on region. Brightspot's OOTB integrations enable publishers to deliver quick—and affordable—machine translations of any piece of published content into hundreds of different languages. And, of course, if you prefer to use human-provided translation as part of your publishing workflows, Brightspot supports that approach as well.

User commenting & community

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Let your readers have their say. Coral, Disqus and other commenting platforms are critical to interacting with your communities and driving online debate and discussion. Rather than trying to build and maintain yourself, these community-focused integrations bring the tools you need—like account provisioning, comment moderation and asset-level activation for online comments—into the platform, letting your editors engage with readers and their reactions directly with the source material.

Workflows & collaboration

Slack Conversation Notification

Digital content teams need to collaborate via myriad communication channels, especially those that are dispersed across multiple locations or even reporting on the ground. Integrations with Slack, Microsoft Teams, SMS and email allow writers and editors to be alerted whenever new content is published, drafts are available for review or colleagues are needed to provide feedback and input throughout the editorial process.

Collaboration is key, but so is the management of which teams and individuals require access and approvals through different steps of the publishing workflow. Brightspot brings years of frontline publishing experience supporting some of the world's biggest brands to offer user- and role-level subscriptions that streamline collaboration and drive greater content governance and consistency.


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