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Social integrations

Brightspot’s social integrations with massive social networks let you expand your digital footprint in smart, effective ways. Ensure efficiency as well as consistency as you connect with audiences outside your own website or app. Social integrations remove the headache of having to manage social-media storytelling efforts across different platforms while building your company's social following.

Out-of-the-box social integrations

Brightspot offers the following pre-built social integrations at no extra cost to help your team get started fast.
Elevate audience engagement and content interaction with Coral's advanced commenting platform, tailored for building vibrant communities.
Facebook enables users to share personal updates, photos, links and videos with many people at the same time, making it easy to connect and share with many family and friends via one channel.
instagram logo
Add visual interest to your content by embedding Instagram posts right on the page.
TikTok logo
Add visual interest to your content by embedding TikTok videos right on the page.
Add visual interest to articles by embedding Facebook posts right on the page.

Custom-built integrations

Brightspot is built to integrate seamlessly with our customers' proprietary or third-party data sources. We've built dozens of custom integrations for our customers including these social-media integrations.
Image of Add This logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS
Display social metrics from your AddThis account in different visualizations in the Brightspot Analytics dashboard.
Image of Gigya logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS
This integration gives Brightspot users, Gigya user management functionality & ability to view social metrics within the Brightspot Analytics dashboard.
Image of Linkedin logo for software integration with Brightspot CMS
Our social integration with LinkedIn lets you expand your digital footprint in smart, targeted and effective ways.

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