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Instant Articles

With the Facebook Instant Articles integration, Brightspot makes it simple for publishers to extend their reach by syndicating content into the world's largest Social Media platform.

Publishers today know that the news doesn’t exist within silos anymore and that audiences have a 24/7 appetite for news and information across devices and channels.

Content distribution platforms like Apple News, Google AMP and Facebook Instant Articles all open out to massive online audiences with a hunger for source material wherever they may be, and through whatever device they happen to have at their fingertips.

Whether it’s distributing connect via smartphones, social networks or search engines, Brightspot CMS makes it simple for any organization to syndicate content out to any or all of these platforms, no additional development required.

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With the AMP integration, Brightspot allows publishers to easily publish accelerated mobile pages that help pages load quickly and improve Google search results.
With the Apple News integration, Brightspot allows qualifying publishers to easily create and distribute engaging articles to their Apple News channels.

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