How a Modern CMS Empowers You to Embrace the Future of Brand Storytelling

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Gone are the days when a company could rely on press releases and media coverage to tell its stories. To excel in the digital space and gain the interest and, more important, trust and loyalty of consumers, companies must now make a much deeper commitment to brand storytelling. They must show—and not simply tell—what makes their brands unique, by offering transparency into what drives their brand and by creating compelling, magazine-quality content.

This is the future of brand storytelling—and this is a marketer’s new pathway to establishing an emotional connection with customers.

How to Master
Brand Storytelling

We know that effective storytelling activates parts of the brain that enable consumers to make these connections. But what you may not know is how to tell the story of your brand in a manner that is effective, agile, affordable and scalable. What’s more, even if you produce engaging, authentic and timely brand-appropriate stories that build emotional customer connections and cultivate brand loyalty, how do you know if they drive sales?

Fortunately, a modern CMS can be the digital empowerment tool you need to efficiently create your brand’s story and gauge its effectiveness.

Having the right technology to create and manage your content so you can promote it on any channel or device and then analyze it might sound impossible, especially if you currently lack resources around your current CMS. The good news is that a modern CMS can give you unprecedented speed to launch quickly, publish fast and deliver optimized content everywhere—all while decreasing your dependence on IT.

3 Ways a Modern CMS Brings Your Brand’s Story to Life

1. It’s Fast

When it comes to brand storytelling, speed is essential if you want to stay relevant and timely with trending stories. A modern CMS allows you to implement a new message, deliver content and respond to updates faster than ever. Content delivery becomes easier and more intuitive, which saves your company time and money.

Historically, launching or re-releasing an enterprise-class site has been a 12-month (or more) venture. Many publishers have no idea that modern CMS alternatives can turn what was once a marathon into a sprint, allowing you to launch a site in as little at 90 days.

The new technology fueling this speed also gives you the ability to make updates easily and quickly. Changes in strategy, recent trends and news can all be woven into your brand storytelling without long delays for new builds. Preconfigured templates and components make things even easier—and faster.

Speed in Action: After migrating their site from a legacy CMS to Brightspot, Hanley Wood decreased the amount of time it took to deploy a newsletter from two days to under two hours (in some cases, as little as 12 minutes), saving the 80 editors working across the CMS two to three hours per day.

2. It Encourages Independence

To make a minor change to your website, does it take hours for you to accomplish something that should take minutes? This is frequently the case with legacy CMS platforms. They are notoriously difficult to use and require an overdependence on IT support instead of empowering editors.

With a modern CMS, not only do you benefit from a potent set of rich text editor tools, but you can also make changes quickly and easily without having to engage other departments. Fast CMS publishing can help your brand stay relevant and make adjustments quickly, which is key to successful brand storytelling.

Instead of wasting time wrangling with several disparate systems across your organization, your editors and brand storytellers can work with a central digital hub that eliminates inefficiencies.

3. It Maximizes Content Delivery

Once you’ve created great content, you’ll want to deliver it—and delivery now means optimized, personalized, multimedia content sent to audiences around the globe, in multiple languages and available on a plethora of digital touchpoints including the web, mobile, IoT devices (e.g., Amazon Echo) and OTT video (e.g., Apple TV).

Content Delivery in Action: Brightspot enabled Sotheby’s to provide richer, more engaging experiences by expanding its online Museum Network from just videos to other content formats, including articles, events, calendars and image galleries.

Brand Storytelling: The Brightspot Readymade Advantage

Developed as the result of experience gained from launching hundreds of websites for some of the world’s largest companies, Brightspot Readymade is an ideal fit for anyone looking to affordably, effectively, quickly and meaningfully tell the story of their brand.

This modern CMS is an out-of-the-box solution that combines an enterprise-quality platform with an easy-to-use publishing interface. Readymade eliminates obstacles by removing IT from the day-to-day publishing process—providing editors with unprecedented control over the look and feel of their sites.

Each package includes a pre-built component library of more than 100 page types, asset types and integrations. With these combined features, CMS users can create thousands of website configurations from one single authoring experience.

Brightspot Readymade offers multichannel publishing that helps you maximize your content delivery strategy from the earliest stages of use. Consistency and responsiveness—key to all great brand storytelling—are natively available within the platform. Readymade also makes it easy to track how and where your content performs best, with built-in analytics and data visualization.

With the Brightspot Readymade streamlined publishing process, you can launch or relaunch your website in a matter of months. In fact, in as little as 90 days, you can be up and running, sharing the powerful story of what drives your brand.

Is your current technology inhibiting your storytelling efforts? Contact a Brightspot Readymade consultant to see how a modern CMS can empower your brand storytelling process.

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