Brightspot Behind the Scenes: January 2019 CMS Updates

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At Perfect Sense, we take great pride in delighting editors, empowering developers and impacting business results with our Brightspot CMS. To ensure we satisfy the ever-changing needs of digital consumers, we're constantly working to improve Brightspot—cutting releases every two weeks with new updates, improving existing features and fixing bugs.

When determining which improvements to make to Brightspot, we consider two key factors: client requests and the latest industry trends. Here’s a rundown of the top three features we’ve built over the last few months.

1. Live Blog

After building custom solutions for live blog functionality for customers in the past, we decided to make the feature core to the Brightspot platform. We solicited feedback from users, and the biggest takeaway was the importance of allowing multiple users to add posts at the same time, without being locked out. Our solution includes two new content types, as well as a new, custom UI to support simultaneous posting by multiple editors, searching and filtering for posts.


Several of our customers are already excited by the live blog capabilities, including Univision, who plans to use it for real-time news coverage and sporting events.

If your organization is looking to provide up-to-the-second coverage of games, elections, ceremonies, conferences, developing news stories or other live events, Brightspot’s live blog functionality can help you quickly deliver relevant updates to your digital audience.

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2. RTE Enhancements

Our rich text editor is where editors spend the majority of their time, so we’re always looking for ways to improve usability and increase efficiency. One editorial shortcut we’ve added is the ability to drag and drop a file from your hard drive directly into the RTE. No more clicking a toolbar widget, searching your computer for a file and then uploading it.

We’ve also added the ability for a writer or editor to paste a social URL into the RTE, and it automatically creates a media module.

These might sound like subtle changes, but each removes two or three extra steps in an editor’s workflow, which adds up to considerable time saved and allows content creators to focus on other tasks.


3. Slack Federated Search

Whatever technologies you’re already accustomed to using can be incorporated into and accessed via our CMS. In other words, Brightspot integrates seamlessly into your digital ecosystem—an advantage we consider to be one of the distinct benefits of our platform.

We’ve learned that many of our clients use Slack to discuss content and share workflow updates. To boost efficiency for editors, we built an integration that allows them to search for files directly from their Slack conversations. Looking for that draft a writer Slacked you six months ago? Now you can locate it without ever leaving Brightspot.

By implementing creative, thoughtful solutions and making the deliberate decision to collaborate closely with our customers, we ensure our roadmap continues to satisfy real-world requirements and solve business problems. Stay tuned to see how the Brightspot CMS continues to evolve to best serve current and future customers.

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About the Author
Gardner Fiveash
As a Platform Product Manager, Gardner Fiveash works on requirements for new platform features and provides direction for Brightspot Readymade. Before joining the platform team, he worked on Brightspot projects for Amazon. Gardner is a graduate of the University of Virginia.
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