The Secret of Johnson & Johnson's Brand Storytelling Success

Secret of JNJ's Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling has steadily increased in both popularity and importance in the corporate world. Establishing a deep connection with both potential and current customers through storytelling is not just important—it’s crucial to the future of your business.

One of the most sophisticated and successful examples of impactful corporate storytelling is iconic brand and household name Johnson & Johnson. In a recent webinar titled The Evolution of Brand Storytelling: Taking a Newsroom Approach, J&J Vice President and Director Carrie Sloane discussed how J&J has taken back control over the company narrative and evolved into a brand newsroom with the creation of the Global Content Lab.

Precise evaluation of metrics and analytics that display where people receive and look at J&J's content, as well as learning from the successes and failures of others, has been instrumental in J&J’s learning process. By continuing to gather and analyze feedback, J&J is constantly fine-tuning their strategies and insights as to how they can make their approach to brand storytelling the best that it can possibly be.

Watch the webinar and hear about J&J's brand storytelling success in their own words.

As Carrie Sloane described, the three keys to Johnson and Johnson’s success with brand storytelling are:

  1. Tell Authentic Stories that Connect: Telling authentic horizontal stories that connect is the true driving point in the whole storytelling process. Being genuine is essential; it humanizes your brand, making it easy for your audience to establish an emotional connection to the story being told, as well as the brand behind that story.
  2. Stay Timely: Brands must always be attentive to the ever-changing world that we live in, as well as flexible in accommodating their audience’s fluctuating needs. It’s not just about producing stories that align with your brand but reaching an audience that cares about the point being made at just the right moment in the most effective way.
  3. Stick to the Story: Brands have hundreds of stories to tell, but not all of them are the right ones to share. Staying true to a story that a brand feels best represents them, as well as developing that story to the fullest is how that one story will remain effective and relevant. Continuing to build upon your brand’s story without being vertical will not only keep your audience intrigued, but get across a relatable message that will allow people to feel linked to your brand and thus take a greater interest in what you have to offer.

Nowadays, storytelling is the most effective way to establish a strong brand to consumer relationship. But your brand storytelling efforts can only be as great as the technology behind it.

With Brightspot, the digital publishing engine behind Johnson’s and Johnson’s Global Content, Johnson and Johnson has been able to realize and accomplish their brand storytelling goals.

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