The Evolution of Corporate Communications: How Johnson & Johnson Built a Brand Newsroom

A receptionist sits behind a wooden desk in front of a Johnson and Johnson sign. Learn how Johnson & Johnson revamped its corporate communications strategy with its Global Content Lab.

With more than 250 subsidiaries in consumer products, medical devices and pharmaceuticals, Johnson & Johnson (J&J) is one of the most iconic brands in the world. J&J has seen great success for 130 years, in both product sales and public health initiatives, and has incredible stories to tell.

Like so many brands, J&J primarily relied on media to tell its stories. But they wanted to do more, especially when it came to talking about all the great things J&J was doing in the world, like solving complex global health challenges and taking action to make the planet healthier. It was time to take control of the narrative, so J&J made the move to revamp its corporate communications strategy and build a brand newsroom through the creation of its global Global Content Lab.

J&J’s Evolution of Corporate Communications

In order for the Global Content Lab to fully pursue its evolution of corporate communications, it needed a content management system (CMS) that could support its efforts. The team began searching for a CMS that would help it operate effectively as editors and publishers, and build a brand newsroom. J&J turned to Brightspot, powered by Perfect Sense, to carry out its digital evolution from traditional corporate communications to a brand storytelling approach.

J&J uses Brightspot because of the intuitive editorial functionality, including its drag-and-draw editorial workflows, customizable user roles, rich text editor, live previewing, and ability to optimize content for multiple channels (e.g. social, mobile web, desktop, etc.). Brightspot also seamlessly integrated into J&J’s martech stack, and offered J&J the security it needed for an enterprise CMS.

“The first time the Perfect Sense team demoed Brightspot, I asked if they had crawled into an editor’s head to build it. It was that intuitive. When I heard that it had launched Coca-Cola in 14 markets, and could scale globally, I was sold,” said Carrie Sloan, J&J’s Vice President and Global Content Lab Director.

Brightspot’s Impact at J&J

Since its implementation, Brightspot has enabled J&J’s Global Content Lab team to become industry-leading brand journalists, editors, and publishers. When consumers visit J&J’s corporate website, they will find articles about health and wellness, J&J’s global philanthropic initiatives, product innovation, and features on people making a positive impact in the world. The content, which reads more like stories in a magazine than a corporate website, is engaging, inspirational, and informative. J&J’s website’s design is an incredible example of brand storytelling excellence - it is beautiful, dynamic, and features engaging multimedia content to complement its stories.

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