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By Brightspot StaffJuly 10, 2019
Created to empower both editors and developers, Brightspot’s authoring tools promote collaboration and maximize usability. We explore four authoring features, as well as the reasons why we incorporated each one into the CMS.
By Meredith RodkeyJuly 08, 2019
This shortcut feature accelerates your editorial workflow by allowing you to pin your most-used content to the front and center of your dashboard.
By Chris SmithJune 11, 2019
This powerful integration enables faster uploading, editing, monetizing and sharing of videos with a streamlined workflow—all within the CMS.
By Meredith RodkeyJune 06, 2019
The Resources Widget allows you to upload files or add external links that serve as shortcuts to items your team accesses frequently.
By Chad MitchellMay 31, 2019
Find out how Walmart uses horizontal storytelling to connect with their audience and instill belief in the brand.
By Alexa FoxMay 09, 2019
Here are five best practices to help you improve your content strategy—and increase engagement.
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