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We are committed to creating the right outcomes for our customers, including developing Brightspot applications to compensate for Adobe AEM's shortfalls. Brightspot is designed to be integration-ready and is built to extend and enhance all your relevant important enterprise information and systems.
Brightspot CMS is designed to accelerate digital transformation by allowing B2B publishers to consolidate all their publications into a single instance, integrate their existing workflows and deeply embed their technology into the publishing workflow.
Browse our library of resources for unlocking the full potential of Brightspot CMS, from back-end developer tools and guides to the best features and insights from our product teams.
Connect with audiences worldwide in a more authentic way. Create blogs, sustainability reports and capture the heart and soul of the company through storytelling with images and multimedia.
Brightspot CMS includes a number of powerful tools and features to support collaboration between teams, including Assignment Desk, workflow management and notifications.
Tools for content editors, publishers and producers to understand and optimize content administration as part of their publishing workflow.
With over a decade of experience working with some of the world's biggest media companies and brands, Brightspot's publisher-informed UI is built upon the foundations of effective content strategy, collaboration and execution.
Brightspot CMS supports any content types for your unique content business needs. Use the quick start option for common types such as Articles, Author, Videos, and create content templates when you need something more custom.
Dashboards are laid out with all the features and short-cuts to help you work faster and more efficiently. Users can customize their dashboards, share their dashboards and drive work directly from them.
The ability to migrate existing systems, data and content moves businesses forward faster by utilizing tools and processes already in place. This avoids a complete rip-and-replace approach, while increasing efficiencies by bringing all existing systems and workflows into one unified content hub.
With its extensible architecture and back-end flexibility, Brightspot frees users from traditional technical complexities involved in data modeling, allowing them to quickly adapt to any future changes.
Save time and work efficiently—leverage a digital asset management solution to access, store, share and manage their valuable digital assets.
Built for high-volume publishing, Brightspot offers a rich text editor, flexible workflows and content syndication to make it easier to get news to readers quickly.
Over the past decade, digital transformation has forced a shift to online channels. Today, the COVID-19 pandemic is only accelerating this process for brands and publishers. Find out here what you need to digitally transform your business and future-proof it for success.
Brightspot CMS editing and publishing tools are designed to support some of the world's largest high-volume publications and brands.
Brightspot CMS' robust search capabilities, including global, contextual, and federated search capabilities provides you with full visibility, insight and control of your content. Brightspot's approach to search positively impacts how you work—making content creation, editing, and publishing simple and intuitive.
Resources and articles for front-end developers to make the most of the Brightspot CMS.
Create and present content in local languages with Brightspot. Customize content by region, and easily manage globally distributed teams.
Brightspot provides a fully customizable, API-first enterprise CMS solution that meets the needs of all Federal websites and intranets, providing citizens and government workers with a modern, consistent, user-friendly experience.
GraphQL is the query language that enables flexible connection with programming APIs that support headless CMS integrations like the one offered through Brightspot.
Brightspot's extensible architecture means you can publish how you want—headless or decoupled—all from the same environment.
Increase efficiencies across digital assets with a digital asset management solution like Brightspot Media Desk. Brightspot makes it simple to view, edit and manage all of your assets. Don't repurchase content, repurpose it.
Our API-first platform makes extending and enhancing all your important enterprise information simple by integrating with your technology.
Build a digital workplace intranet designed to foster a secure, lively community through personalized, relevant interactions.
Brightspot’s microsite platform makes launching one or hundreds of microsites as simple and painless as possible.
Designed with an extensible architecture, Brightspot CMS is the evolved CMS platform to help businesses rapidly build, deploy, and maintain enterprise-grade digital experiences. Brightspot delivers rich text editing, powerful personalization capabilities, and an intuitive UI that supports every aspect of content creation and publication.
Why waste time doing the same thing over and over? Create once and publish in all places, in all formats with a headless CMS that supports modular content.
Manage every site in your portfolio in a single instance and publish to multiple languages with our translation tools.
Easily use video in your publishing efforts, including live video, machine learning, and support for every device.
Permissions is part of the Users and Roles system that allow for contextual experiences, personalized for your users at all levels. Under the permissions settings, you'll have site-specific permissions, and controls that help you define which users have access to specific Content Templates, and more.
In today's digital economy, buyers expect personalization at every touch point. Brightspot CMS helps you create personalized content and grow your audience engagement.
A full suite of editing tools to help content creators ensure that published content appears on the front end precisely as they intended.
Federated search and robust search filters make finding any asset quick and easy in Brightspot CMS.
Brightspot's Workflow Engine enables your teams to create real-time custom workflows that streamline how they create, manage, edit and publish content.