Introducing Brightspot 4.0: Four big leaps forward for CMS users

Brightspot 4.0

In 2008, Brightspot set out to turn the CMS market on its head. After grappling with cumbersome and rigid solutions that just weren’t working, we knew there was a need for something drastically different. So we set out to create a game-changing solution that would not only make publishers' lives easier but had the ability to transform businesses from the inside out.

And that started the ideas and plans behind Brightspot.

Ten years later, the work continues. Every day we wake up passionate about delighting editors, empowering developers, and impacting business results. We work constantly to improve our product to ensure Brightspot is better, faster, more robust, and more intuitive than our competitors' platforms. Customer happiness is what we live for, and we’ve got the retention rate to prove it.

So in that same disruptive spirit, we’re proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of the latest and greatest version of our platform—Brightspot 4.0.

Brightspot 4.0 redefines expectations for speed and flexibility in a content management system, making it possible to launch an enterprise site in under 90 days. From rapid site launch and re-platforming to effortless publishing, Brightspot 4.0 is designed for high volume publishers, brand storytellers, and digital newsrooms. It delivers market-leading features, a streamlined interface, and enhancements to the editorial experience to allow publication from anywhere.

The enhancements we have made come from implementing solutions for customers like Johnson & Johnson, Politico, and U.S. News & World Report, and watching how they publish and use the platform.

The upgrades to the platform are focused on four areas:

  • Faster site launches with accelerator kits
  • A personalized and streamlined user interface (UI)
  • An improved editorial experience
  • Enhanced video support with AWS Elemental

Accelerator Kits for Faster Site Launching Speeds

A turnkey solution for high-speed deployments, Brightspot 4.0’s accelerator kits make it possible to launch enterprise sites faster than ever before. With flexible frontend templates, 200+ integrations, and 80 of the most popular content types out-of-the-box, new sites can be launched (and replatformed) in under 90 days.

  • Flexible Frontend Templates. Whether you go with a Headless or Decoupled implementation, Brightspot's frontend freedom of choice leverages APIs to distribute your content across all channels and devices. Flexible frontend themes allow you to create custom experiences paired with our powerful backend accelerators to build your sites faster. Choose from the beautiful and popular themes in libraries like Themeforest.
  • Standard Content Types. More than 80 pre-packaged content types come out of the box with different levels of customization capabilities—reducing development efforts and making content migration, creation, and publication faster than ever before.
  • In-CMS Developer Tools. New developer user interface and API explorer provide unprecedented control and extensibility of a Brightspot instance.

Personalized, Streamlined User Interface

Brightspot was already easy to learn but UI improvements have now further simplified the overall user experience. The new UI makes publishing easier, with expanded usability and more personalized options to tailor your experience and ultimately drive productivity and efficiency. Additional benefits of the new UI include:

  • Highly Personalized Dashboard. Create dynamic content easier with a quickstart option and more accessible and personalized capabilities. In addition, sections now expand vertically to display options inline and provide a more consistent transition to mobile.
  • On-Brand Experience. Customize your dashboard for the way you work. The internal CMS interface colors, logos, and splash page can be set by your developers to create an experience that reflects your brand.
  • Faster Search. Find your content faster, with less thinking and digging. Our ever-present and in-context search is now powered with improved type-ahead capabilities, providing more control over relevant facets.

Improved Editorial Experience

Brightspot 4.0 removes publishing hurdles by providing editors the freedom to work how and where they want:

  • Enhanced Mobile Publishing. A complete mobile experience enables publishing from anywhere. CMS users will now be able to publish on mobile in more ways including through a full mobile interface and via an email-to-CMS capability, reducing the time between content creation and publication.
  • Expanded Live Preview System. In Brightspot 4.0, enhanced preview is more intuitive and integrated within all content views. The in-line preview engine enables side-by-side view with real-time rendering and now offers live preview for other frontend technologies like AMP articles and React templates.
  • Module Option Previews. Customizable modules empower editors to change website design. A new, stunning visualization of the modules available to choose from makes it easier than ever to find the customization desired and understand its impact on frontend design.
  • Images & Galleries. Improved editing environment makes tools front and center by providing an easier way to see and manage all of your image assets.

Enhanced video support with AWS Elemental

Brightspot’s new integration with AWS Elemental provides faster uploading, editing, monetizing, and sharing of videos within the CMS with a streamlined workflow. While Brightspot users have always enjoyed truly integrated video experiences with all the top video providers, 4.0 includes:

  • Improved Video Editing Features. In-CMS video editing capabilities that can accelerate publication time. Publishers now have the ability to clip videos to create new content assets, watermark images to protect IP, and preview video directly within the CMS.
  • MediaConvert to transcode video for every device. Upload a single video into Brightspot, and Elemental will convert the file to create optimized versions for playback on all channels, and for every device.
  • MediaTailor allows for for Dynamic Ad Insertion. Dynamically insert interstitial ads into video streams. This approach not only enables personalized ads to be delivered, but ensures they are seen even when ad blockers are being used.

Want to see these new features in action? Request a demo and find out how Brightspot 4.0 can revolutionize your business today.


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