Brightspot CMS

Inside Brightspot: Time-saving tips for creating content

With a slew of time-saving publishing features, content creation in Brightspot is designed to be quick and intuitive. Live page preview gives you the ability to create and update content while simultaneously seeing what it’ll look like when it appears on the front end of your website. Contextual search makes finding authors and tags quick and simple. Our powerful RTE enables you to copy and paste bold text and links directly into it, and it recognizes Twitter URLs as an enhancement.

The demo above walks you through the various ways Brightspot CMS allows you to save time when creating articles on the platform.

We’ve found that many writers and editors prefer to write their articles in Microsoft Word or Google Docs and then copy and paste directly into Brightspot. For that reason, we created a writing experience within the rich text editor that mimics word processing software as closely as possible. The rich text editor will maintain the formatting, spacing, hyperlinks, etc. of your original draft. In addition, it will recognize and auto-create enhancements, such as Twitter URLs.

Another feature, Brightspot’s live preview, allows you to see exactly how your article will look once it’s published, updating with every keystroke you make. With a simple click, this preview allows a user to see how content will render across multiple screens—on desktop, tablet, mobile and mobile apps.

When it’s time for tagging your article, there’s no need to navigate to a different page to add tags. Instead, you can search and add them directly from your article template.

Finally, save time via the right-hand URLs widget, which auto-populates based on a permalink. Unlike other systems in which you have to worry about URL management, Brightspot will take care of all of that for you by auto-creating precisely what you need.