Top 10 benefits of Brightspot for corporate communications

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof

Corporate communications teams must be always-on, creating relevant content for a variety of stakeholders. They require a solution that's fast, flexible, reliable and collaborative. That's where Brightspot comes to the fore, a new solution developed specifically to supply teams with everything they need to create content that communicates business value out of the box from day one.

What is Brightspot?

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot's business-ready CMS allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences in record time, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

How can Brightspot help corporate communications teams?

Corporate communications can take many different forms—from investor messaging to sharing insights with employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers, partners and other constituents. And, while no two companies have exactly the same corporate communications needs, every business must communicate with these important stakeholders in ways that are always professional, engaging and up-to-the-minute.

Typically, corporate communications teams require speed in order to get important messages out quickly, as well as collaboration that allows for messaging to be written, edited, approved and distributed by people throughout an organization. Audiences are both internal and external, and expectations are oftentimes high with business reputations, opportunities and bottom lines at stake. This is where Brightspot can help deliver value and drive success.

Brightspot CMS benefits for corporate communications

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Astonishing speed
For corporate communications and publishing, speed is critical. Important messages—whether new product announcements or crisis communications about a company's operations, services or employees—need to get out quickly and efficiently.

When teams can execute their corporate communications strategy with speed, they can move on to other important priorities that will advance the business, such as creating and publishing new country sites for their global organization.
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    Unparalleled publishing experience
    Corporate communications teams, especially, require a high level of collaboration. They need access to tools that allow messaging to be easily written, edited, approved and distributed by people throughout an organization, who increasingly don't work in the same office, or any office at all.

    Messaging also needs to be synchronized with key communications from other parts of the company. Brightspot makes collaboration within the same system easy, and contains workflows that streamline approval processes, ensuring the right people are reviewing and approving blogs, press releases and other announcements, quickly.
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      Reduced IT impact
      Corporate publishers can utilize the same enterprise-grade authoring, editing and collaboration tools in their content management system for all of their content needs, from marketing to longform website content, live blogs, email newsletters, press releases and corporate event promotion.

      With Brightspot, move faster with dozens of pre-defined content types that alleviate the need from your own IT organization to design, create and test them from scratch. Start managing your full content lifecycle today and free developer resources to advance other strategic and business priorities.
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      Flexible and future-proof
      Pre-built integrations with key third-party data and service providers allow your publishing team to do things like seamlessly syndicate content directly into press releases from leading providers like Business Wire, PR Newswire or NASDAQ and leading email service providers like Mailchimp.

      Distribute and publish seamlessly across languages and markets with Google Translate. The communications team can always add integrations to meet changing needs.
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