Scaling your live video publishing with AWS Elemental & Brightspot

AWS Elemental and Brightspot

If you don’t have a video strategy, you need one. If you haven’t updated your strategy in the past 18 months, you should. Why? Because not only is video more important than ever, but distributing video has become increasingly complex and user expectations are higher than ever. These days, everyone expects a Netflix-like experience (fast, customized, and user-friendly). Consider this:

  • The average consumer owns 13 connected devices
  • The average number of languages supported by large brands has grown to 30
  • Video comprises nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic
  • In a recent survey conducted by Livestream, 82% of respondents said they preferred tuning into a brand’s live video compared to reading its social media posts

To successfully distribute video, publishers need to encode in multiple formats, store globally to minimize latency, apply DRM protection, and do this all in a live format. Unfortunately, however, many Online Video Providers (OVPs) were not designed to support these requirements and thus hinder publisher's efforts to satisfy their audience.

To address these changing needs, while also future-proofing your digital experiences, Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers Elemental Media Services. AWS Elemental is a video toolkit that enables every channel distribution, and video editing and monetization all within a single platform. This blog explores the benefits of Elemental and why more and more companies are considering it.

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Simplifying video workflows with Brightspot and AWS

AWS Elemental: An embedded video experience

AWS Elemental is a cloud and on-premises video processing, storage, and monetization platform. AWS Elemental was designed to be an affordable alternative to OVPs while still improving three key areas of your video workflow: content creation, flexibility, and revenue generation.

Content Creation

By leveraging the building blocks provided by Elemental, you can take your production workflow to new heights. With full control over your streaming experience, production tasks—like live clipping highlights from a live stream and recommending complementary content to viewers during the stream cross-platform—become more feasible. The capabilities continue to expand as well, making video editing, approval, and publication more accessible. AWS also continues to build on its portfolio of tools, providing best in class capabilities and security which are regularly updated to support emerging standard and channels.


The pervasiveness of live video requires a flexible platform. AWS Elemental’s high quality encoder ingests various formats—such as RTMP, HLS, and RTP or RTP with FEC—for highly reliable content delivery. Ingest can be processed and transcoded in near real-time into all formats making your live (or on-demand) video available immediately globally. Video can be edited using Elemental’s other services like MediaConvert and encrypted with Widevine, FairPlay, or PlayReady—among other DRM standards. In addition, combining Elemental with other AWS services such as Rekognition can automatically tag video content for various elements contained therein.

Revenue Generation

As the cost to create, distribute, and maintain video continues to rise, publishers must find a way to monetize their content. According to Ovum, ad blocking is expected to cost publishers $75 billion by 2020. AWS Elemental offers MediaTailor, a server-side ad insertion solution that stitches ad and video content at the server level, preventing the ad from being blocked. This approach is vastly different from traditional OVPs which offer client-side ad integration, requiring a third party client-side call which is often blocked by ad-blockers. MediaTailor is not only available for on-demand content, but can also be used to monetize live content.

Brightspot + Elemental: A unified publishing experience

The latest version of our powerful CMS, Brightspot 4.0, puts the power of AWS Elemental at your fingertips by embedding it within your CMS environment. Video upload, editing, live streaming, and publishing can all be achieved without ever leaving the CMS. Brightspot builds on many of Elemental’s core competencies to offer an expanded suite of capabilities, including:

A Familiar Experience

Brightspot users will find creating Elemental videos as simple as publishing any other asset within the platform; including adding or ingesting metadata, tags, or custom fields. The ability to publish video assets within the CMS, using the same familiar UI, eliminates any potential learning curve associated with distributing, securing, and authenticating users of your content.

Automated Tagging

With AWS Rekognition integration, Brightspot offers automated tagging of video via machine learning. This video analysis can detect and identify things such as objects, people, text, activities, and celebrities.

Companion Content

Take the video consumption experience to another level with companion content and recommend related articles and galleries with timed markers on video assets. Now you can keep your users engaged with an article while they're watching your video.

Playlist Management

Organize video assets into playlists, with autoplay, program rules, and ad rules, as well as Live Wheel support. Brightspot also supports unique content aggregation, such as grouping videos into seasons, shows, or thematic collections.


For analyzing video performance, Brightspot tracks against several key performance metrics to enable your newsroom to measure and improve your video strategy. This includes video impressions, video views, unique video views, and more.


Brightspot offers robust, intuitive clipping abilities for video producers. Users can clip together several different segments of a video to create a new asset within the Brightspot CMS.

Live Streaming

With broadcast-grade video streaming for your 24x7 channel or live events, Brightspot's feature set supports real-time encoding of streams and compressing for distribution and delivery to multi-screen devices.

Making the move to AWS Elemental

While Brightspot integrates with all of the major OVP’s—including Brightcove and Kaltura—our integration with Elemental offers unique benefits to empower publishers and media companies to deliver more video at scale, and faster.

If you're looking to reduce your spend on video distribution, get access to the latest editing features, and support multiple channels without managing multiple relationships, Brightspot + Elemental are the future. Our partnerships and innovations are only just getting started—stay tuned!


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