Why a new corporate CMS could power your intranet as well

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A modern, integration-ready CMS can power a variety of corporate sites, including a better intranet. After all, intranets should act as an extension of a company’s brand, and so must work hand-in-hand with corporate sites in order to offer a relevant, centralized destination for employees.

Many organizations face challenges with their existing CMS. A 2019 survey found, in fact, that 42% of companies don’t have the right technology to manage their content.

One roadblock is that many legacy CMS solutions were designed before digital channels were dominant, so they struggle with delivering dynamic content internally within an organization and externally to customers through modern channels like mobile devices. These legacy systems are often built on proprietary code and integrations, which makes it difficult for them to integrate into new systems via APIs, and scale with your business.

With a modern CMS, one of the many benefits is the ability to seamlessly power all of your sites and systems—even an organization’s intranet. Today, intranet software plays a critical role in aligning an organization internally around a company’s mission, just as it does externally for customers—increasing knowledge sharing and employee engagement as a result.

To bridge the gap between the desire to continue working remotely and the benefits of an office environment, today’s organizations need to recognize what keeps employees engaged virtually and understand how to foster community and culture among their people no matter where they are located. A key part of integrating remote work with in-person advantages will be the successful use of intranets, better thought of as 'community and culture experiences.' These experiences provide greater personalization, bringing company culture to life at a time when employees need it most and giving them new ways to connect with their work and each other.
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Key features of modern CMS solutions for corporate storytelling

Due to the many challenges presented by older solutions, brands are turning to next-generation offerings like Brightspot’s CMS to tell a consistent corporate narrative.

A modern CMS lets you quickly develop personalized content for various corporate uses, enabling effective brand storytelling. Newer solutions recognize the importance of integrations, too, so they allow you to integrate with other systems for better collaboration and growth.

A major advantage of some modern solutions, like Brightspot, is that you can manage multiple sites across your brand portfolio from one place. For example, you can use one CMS to publish a blog on the main corporate site, while also publishing it on an event microsite or an international corporate site. Headless and decoupled capabilities, too, support multisite consistency, and allow businesses to distribute content to any device for it to show up in a uniform way.

Brightspot has invested in these capabilities to create once and publish simultaneously because it offers time savings and supports brand consistency in the long run.

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Corporate CMS meets intranet software

Now that we’ve looked at some of the key benefits of multisite management from a single CMS platform, let’s consider how this supports a company’s efforts in developing and maintaining a successful intranet.

One of the many sites you can control from the CMS is an intranet. At Brightspot, we like to think of intranet platforms as community and culture experiences that empower employees and increase productivity. Even though these sites are set apart as an internal resource instead of external, the same outcomes can and should be achieved for both.

Despite this, corporate intranets often receive less attention, and are typically not treated as a digital channel that’s an extension of the brand. As a result, intranets often become siloed information hubs that don’t meet their goal of engaging and inspiring employees.

Just as a corporate site creates a cohesive experience for customers and partners, the intranet must create an engaging experience for employees. By utilizing the same CMS to power both corporate sites and the intranet, these community and culture experiences become a true extension of the company’s brand.

To give one example, if a company’s marketing department publishes an external blog about winning a new customer, with Brightspot they could publish the blog simultaneously on the intranet. This would enable all employees to learn about the customer win and celebrate their company’s success.

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Improving intranet experiences

Being connected to the corporate CMS is one factor that will improve the intranet experience. However, for many organizations, more has to be done to make the intranet a place that employees want to visit often to communicate, collaborate and share ideas.

Personalization is key to making employees like and use an intranet—and with Brightspot, this is easy as you can segment by audience using attributes from your corporate sites in your CMS. An example could be your finance team only need access to corporate reports and accounting systems, with the intranet CMS being adaptable to enable only members of that team to see and have access to those sensitive materials.

There will also be instances where teams need to share content only to the intranet to tell stories or promote engagement internally, which is simplified when using modern intranet software built from the central CMS. Brightpot's multisite flexibility makes it easy to share content to some, all or only one site with the portfolio.

Finally, it is important to keep people coming back to the intranet by publishing regularly to make employees feel informed and part of the team. Brightspot’s simple interface makes it easy to push different types of content as quickly as needed.

There are many benefits to having a central system to manage content across multiple sites and channels. To tell a cohesive brand narrative both internally and externally, using a corporate CMS that can power your intranet as well is the way to go.

In this webinar, we discuss how organizations can reinvent the remote employee community and culture experience and how an intranet plays a fundamental role in driving those experiences.


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