Brightspot is publisher-informed and publisher-focused, which means we designed the platform to intuitive for the user. The Dashboard is laid out with all the features and short-cuts to help you work faster and more efficiently. Users can customize their dashboards, share their dashboards and drive work directly from them. See some of our articles that help explain our user-centered approach to your publishing platform.

Brightspot CMS features a number of useful tools to help site admins and editors customize the CMS dashboard for individual users or for different teams based in their workflow needs. Find out more in this demo video.
The demand for digital content is only increasing, as is the need for businesses to achieve brand consistency but with digital teams struggling to keep pace with the volume of assets in play. A modern, flexible CMS at the center is the solution to bring order to the chaos.
Brightspot’s out-of-the-box analytics tools empower editors to effectively gauge engagement to make informed programming decisions.
Learn how asset-level schedule, the schedule widget and bulk schedule work—and how each can save you both time and frustration.
These “extras” let you do more with less in Brightspot by setting user rules across multiple sites, so teams can switch seamlessly between projects.