Simplifying video workflows with Brightspot and AWS

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Simplifying video workflows with Brightspot and AWS

Brightspot's integration with AWS allows publishers to create, edit, search, tag and distribute video content within one consistent workflow and UI.

The above demo explores how Brightspot integrates with four powerful AWS services: Comprehend, Rekognition, Elemental and Transcribe.

Let’s imagine a reporter is tasked with writing a story for the web. The reporter creates a new article content type and fills out the relevant fields. Upon completion, there’s usually a workflow step where the article must be tagged so that it’s properly categorized for later discovery via search, either in the CMS, itself, or on the front end of the website. Tagging taxonomies vary by company, and many can be quite large and complex. Thus, the process of tagging content quickly and accurately can be a daunting and tedious task. By leveraging AWS Comprehend, Brightspot can automatically suggest tags to the editor based on the content of the article she’s working on. Specifically, Brightspot will automatically suggest tags that are already in the taxonomy by cross-referencing it with the real-time results from the AWS Comprehend API.

Next, suppose you want to upload a few images. When uploading, you’re usually required to manually fill out an appropriate caption and keywords so that the images can later be discovered via search. But with AWS Rekognition, key objects, texts and faces present in the photos are automatically detected, extracted and applied as metadata to the image assets. This allows editors to find any images that were previously uploaded into the CMS and tagged with specific keywords without having to manually add the tags themselves.

Let’s now suppose you want to upload a video. While Brightspot supports integrations with a number of OVPs, the Amazon Elemental integration offers the richest set of editorial tools, empowering publishers and media companies to deliver more video at scale—and faster. The Elemental API allows you to perform tasks such as the following: upload a video and have it optimized to play back on multiple devices, from an iPhone to Apple TV; clip a video shorter or clip different segments of a video to create a new video; adjust the brightness or contrast of a video and add an image overlay to help brand your content; and stitch your ads at server-side level for more secure advertisements.

Finally, Brightspot uses Amazon Transcribe for speech-to-text features for audio and video. Brightspot users can submit their audio or video file for automatic speech analysis via Amazon Transcribe and have a transcription returned for the asset.

Together, Brightspot and the four AWS services explored here empower editors to deliver a best-in-class digital experience for their customers.