Top 10 benefits of Brightspot GO for B2B marketing

Brightspot GO: fast, flexible, future-proof

B2B marketers are tasked with moving their target audiences through the buyers’ journey by reaching and influencing them with meaningful content across a variety of channels. Being able to effectively and efficiently communicate to various audiences with unique needs can be challenging. Brightspot GO B2B marketing, a solution developed specifically to support B2B marketers with everything they need to reach their buyers at the right time and with the right message, is here to help.

What is Brightspot GO?

For companies that are looking to transform fast, Brightspot GO packages the power of the Brightspot CMS into a ready-to-build version that allows companies—regardless of size or technical expertise—to launch their own fully functional digital experiences at astonishing speed, with no limits to future enhancements or integrations.

How can Brightspot GO help B2B marketing organizations?

B2B organizations and publishers leverage content across their websites and other channels to market their solutions.

A key opportunity with content for B2B marketers is to bring their website, microsites and outbound content like email within the same CMS platform and workflows; integrate the acquisition and management of leads across all of these channels with the execution of outbound campaigns (emails, events) targeted at specific lead segments; and appropriately gate access to content based on lead scoring.

Brightspot GO benefits for B2B marketing

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Astonishing speed
B2B marketing moves fast. Whether to introduce a new solution or share information about a version upgrade, these organizations rely on the ability to deliver experiences quickly—be it a microsite, customer newsletter campaign or digital user conference.

Brightspot GO accelerates digital marketing efforts, allowing B2B marketers to focus on the "next big thing" for their buyers rather than nuances in processes and workflows.
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      Unparalleled publishing experience
      Especially for B2B companies that often are marketing software and services, content is everything to help their customer bases understand the problems their solutions aim to solve.

      The ability to do things like curate marketing newsletters within the CMS, seamlessly build out landing pages with lead-capture capabilities and easily offer premium sponsored content provides B2B companies with the publishing power they need to get information about their solutions into the hands of the right audiences and customers.
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        Reduced IT impact
        Achieving all of the above and more is easy for B2B organizations thanks to Brightspot GO’s integrations—such as with email service providers (ESPs)—and pre-built themes that make getting messaging and products out to market feasible and attainable with less dependence on IT.
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        Flexible and future-proof
        With constantly-changing priorities and new solutions to bring to market for their customers, B2B marketers need flexibility in their CMS to be able to adapt and offer new experiences. The Brightspot GO B2B Marketing package delivers that flexibility.

        For the business buyer

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        Rich editing and publishing experiences 
        Brightspot GO is built by publishers and developers for a functional and intuitive experience tailored to how you work. The solution allows B2B marketers to carry out what matters to them, including seamlessly building landing pages and gating access to content; promoting events, speakers and sponsors via pre-built event promotion functionality; and simplifying the creation of microsites to promote specific products and services.
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        Modular and global content capabilities
        Between websites, microsites and outbound communications like email, the ability to create content that will flow and transform easily to all channels and endpoints is critical for B2B marketers. Modular content authoring allows you to create once and publish everywhere.
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        B2B marketing teams can simplify how they produce content via workflows that provide a way to organize authoring, production and syndication processes to easily track work within complex content environments.

        For the technical buyer

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        Go headless, use a head or do both. Brightspot GO Headless equips B2B marketers with additional flexibility to create custom content types exactly to their specification if they don't want to use the pre-built and battle-tested content types that come out-of-the-box with the Brightspot GO B2B Marketing solution.
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        Integrations with MarTech solutions like Mailchimp and Marketo provide the ability for B2B organizations to manage leads and create multiple campaigns for different lead segments.
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        Future-proofing for tomorrow's needs
        B2B marketers seek the flexibility to do things like quickly launch new outbound campaigns, and create microsites or newsletters to market new solutions. A future-proofed system like Brightspot GO supports these changes seamlessly without requiring significant reworking down the line. Save time and money without needing to re-engineer and rework.

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