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Inside Brightspot: Pre- and post-publish actions

Before you publish, get guidance on items you need to include like your content's all-important SEO metadata. Post-publish, helpful steps include shortcuts for adding your content to promotional areas throughout your website.


[Speaker 1] Whenever you create new content, there is often a need to perform additional actions to make your content discoverable far too often. These additional steps are forgotten and your content is not able to reach its full potential.

For example not editing your SEO title and description may cost you several spots in search rankings. Or not editing an image for sharing could be the reason potential visitors overlooked your content when shared across social media networks.

Whether it's adding metadata so your content automatically appears on the dynamic page or ensuring the text in images used for promotion will effectively drive traffic to your content, there is always more you can do to make your content more valuable. With Brightspot, you never have to worry about missing these important steps again before your content goes live.

Brightspot can present you with reminders to perform specific tasks such as updating your SEO information or adding an image for social sharing. How can you promote consistency and quality through your editorial workflow? Well, Brightspot provides you with reminders for some common actions out of the box. Project developers can customize this pre-published interface to present your team with conditional forms based on your own business rules and content requirements.

And once your content is published, there's still more to be done. Brightspot will provide you with instant placement options. Immediately after your content has been published, the ability to place your content on the homepage section page or other landing pages directly from the content edit page, for example, will save you so much time.

With Brightspot, you will not just remember to take the necessary steps to create the most valuable content, but it will be so much easier to do so, saving you time and help increase traffic to your site.

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