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Inside Brightspot: Rich-text editor

Begin creating content with the easy-to-master features in the rich-text editor (RTE). Functioning similar to MS Word and Google Docs, utilize simple and advanced features designed around a singular goal—to make you more efficient. Take a tour of the RTE's most powerful features here.

The rich-text editor includes an easy-to-use toolbar with a number of standard formatting options like bold, italics and underline, as well as various alignment options. It also allows for quick addition of enhancements to your story like images, video and promo modules. Editors can also add inline HTML as well as specific styles for pullquotes and headings. A Unicode keyboard is also available to ensure that you have the right character readily available.

As with other commonly used editing software like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, CMS users have the ability to toggle on track changes and edit content in a collaborative fashion. If an edit needs additional context, users can add a comment that displays only on the back end to inform contributors why (and where) certain changes were made. Find-and-replace functionality in the rich-text editor helps highlight specific words or phrases. Lastly, Brightspot's rich-text editor includes a full-screen mode to give you a more traditional word processor-like experience.

No matter your publishing use case, Brightspot's rich-text editor is designed to ensure the content creation process is fast, seamless and effective.


[Speaker 1] Today’s tech-savvy writers expect their CMS to include all the formatting and editing functionality they’re used to in their word processing software and you’ll feel like you’re working in Google Docs or Microsoft Word when creating content using Brightspot’s text editor.

The word processing-like experience of Brightspot’s text editor will empower your team to draft and edit content directly in the CMS, reducing errors, saving time, enabling faster, easier collaboration, and allowing you to publish content more efficiently than ever.

A lot of customers have told us they can't live without this and hands down, there’s no CMS on the market with a text editor as strong as this one.

The text editor includes an easy-to-use toolbar with a number of standard formatting options like bold, italics, underline, bulleted and numbered lists, various alignment options, and more.

Appealing visuals can transform your content from ho-hum to magnetic and Brightspot prioritizes a pain-free process for inserting images, videos, modules, and social posts.

You can quickly embed videos and social assets by simply copying and pasting the URL and you can easily add images and videos from your desktop with drag and drop.

There’s also a simple method for re-ordering these enhancements we call "click targets"—a two click, mobile friendly, alternative to drag and drop that helps you get your assets into place more efficiently.

Brightspot cuts out the aggravation trying to find a specific symbol when you need them with a custom keyboard you can access to find special characters, such as accents, umlauts, and symbols for “copyright” and “reserved.”

Depending on your editorial use case, you can add additional characters to the keyboard to make sure your team has everything they need at their fingertips.

You can turn on track changes to edit your content in a collaborative fashion and with the ability to leave comments inline, you can add context for other writers on your team, letting them know why and where certain changes were made.

The find-and-replace function allows you to search words and phrases, including specifying case, and quickly replace a single instance or all instances.

Since, working online means you often end up with visual clutter in the margins of your screen, Brightspot provides a fullscreen Zen mode that limits distractions so you can focus on writing in an experience that even further replicates your word processor.

Your development team (if you have one) can also easily build upon the rich text editor as well.

No matter your publishing use case, Brightspot's text editor is designed to ensure your content creation process is fast, seamless and effective.

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