A Brightspot Case Study

Creating a Harmonious Newsroom for World-Class Journalists

Media CMS

Delivering up-to-date news, political analysis, and polished prose more quickly and easily than ever before.

The Challenge: After working across multiple legacy systems just to publish a single article, MediaDC decided to migrate to a modern CMS to streamline their editorial processes, decrease dependence on IT, and cut costs.

MediaDC Media CMS Customer Example

Brightspot makes it possible for us to serve our audience with the information they crave faster and more easily than ever before.

The Brightspot Solution: After conducting an extensive audit of the sites, MediaDC redesigned and relaunched both digital properties on Brightspot Express in less than 90 days. Project highlights include:

  • The ability to manage two large editorial teams within one CMS with tailored roles and workflows that allow teams to establish guidelines and permissions that can be as specific or as broad as needed.
  • A robust set of publishing tools and an easy-to-use interface that have streamlined the publishing process, making it possible to deliver content faster and more efficiently.
  • More realistic ad impression metrics enabled through seamless third-party integrations with Chartbeat and Comscore.

Media CMS Mobile Example

Brightspot’s extensible CMS empowered MediaDC to consolidate all of their publishing operations into one system, set up customized workflows unique to each publication, and take over further development of the platform.

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