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Limiting access to content types

The Types list limits access to content types. In the following example, the role can create content from any type except galleries and playlists.

Limit access to content types

You can also restrict the available actions at the content-type level.

Limit access to actions by content type

In the previous illustration—

  • Main Tab Only in the Form field indicates that this role uses the custom content edit form when working with articles. For more information about custom content edit forms, see Customizing content edit forms.
  • The Read Only after Publish toggle indicates this role can modify and republish an article after it is published.
  • The Actions field indicates that this role cannot archive or restore articles. For descriptions of the available actions, see the following table.
  • The Content field indicates that this role has access to all articles except Galaxies Collide, No Injuries Reported. You can configure two types of lists in this field:
    • Basic—A list of individual articles the role can or cannot access. (For details about basic lists, see Creating a basic list.)
    • Dynamic—Click edit, and in the Edit Dynamic Query widget create a dynamic list of articles that the role can or cannot access. (For details about dynamic lists, see Creating a dynamic list.) Dynamic lists are useful in situations such as the following:
      • Limiting a role to updating articles in a particular section, such as sports or recipes.
      • Limiting a role to updating articles that were published in the last six months.
      • Limiting a role to updating articles that are in draft status.

The following table describes the actions available for a selected content type. Additional actions may be available depending on your version of Brightspot.

Archive Editors in the role can archive items. For details about archiving, see Archiving assets.
Bulk Archive Editors in the role can bulk archive items. For details about bulk archiving, see Bulk archive content.
Bulk Edit Editors in the role can apply edits to multiple items. For details about bulk editing, see Bulk editing.
Bulk Workflow Editors in the role can move multiple items through a workflow. For details about bulk workflow transactions, see Using the bulk workflow function.
Delete Editors in the role can delete items. For details about deleting items, see Permanently deleting an asset.
Publish Editors in the role can publish items.
Restore Editors in the role can restore items. For details about restoring items, see Restoring an archived asset.
Unschedule Editors in the role can unschedule items. For details about unscheduling, see Unscheduling an asset.
Write Editors can update items.
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