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Veeva Vault integration example

For life-sciences customers leveraging Veeva Vault as their primary enterprise CMS, improve editorial productivity and eliminate messaging discrepancies throughout your entire publishing ecosystem.

Brightspot's Veeva Vault integration allows customers to connect objects in separate CMSs to maximize content production workflows and ensure messaging stays accurate and consistent for documents, products and content that require strict regulatory and legal review.

Veeva Vault and Brightspot: How it works

  • Search and import content created in Veeva Vault into Brightspot CMS.
  • Leverage a modular-content approach to create Brightspot assets (i.e. promos, lists) powered by Veeva modules, including approved straplines, rulesets, product claims, images and more.
  • Sync changes between imported Veeva content and Brightspot modules to ensure messaging and assets remain consistent and accurate throughout.

Veeva Vault and Brightspot: Use cases

  • A life-sciences company has a new drug approved for use. The organization's global marketing team needs to create an email newsletter announcement to promote the product to customers in markets throughout the world. With this integration, marketers can create email assets in Brightspot CMS using approved modules, and copy assets from within Veeva Vault. Modules created in Brightspot can be further modified leveraging the CMS' in-built translation and segmentation capabilities.
  • A pharmaceutical device manufacturer's copywriting team has been asked to create a PDF brochure describing the company's newest groundbreaking surgical technology. By assembling modules already approved and available in Veeva Vault (i.e. images, product descriptions, medical facts, etc.), the team can accelerate time-to-market for an asset that can be easily synced and updated with the respective source data within Veeva.
  • A single product image in use across various global campaign landing pages and digital-marketing assets includes outdated information based on new clinical trials data. Claims and disclosures are updated for the source asset (and accompanying materials) in Veeva Vault. Using the federated search capabilities in Brightspot CMS, an organization's marketing team can quickly locate in which modules the asset is being referenced and sync to update within the most recent and accurate information for that product.

Veeva Vault integration notes:

  • The Veeva Vault integration requires a Veeva customer account ID and credentials to connect with the Veeva API. This task is managed by Brightspot CMS site administrators.
  • Out-of-the-box features support conversion of Veeva objects as promo or lists items in a module in Brightspot; other content types can be configured as needed.
  • Support exists to pre-configure modules in Brightspot to automate processing of certain objects from Veeva.
  • Brightspot CMS admin settings include the ability to define write or read-only access for individual Veeva modules, offering configurable control over versioning at a team, role or individual user level.

The Veeva Vault integration is available to customers running Brightspot version 4.5 and above

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