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Inside Brightspot: Understanding the search actions pane

Every so often, our Vice President of Product shares an email with the company that tells the background story on why Brightspot’s features are the way they are. Not one to keep secrets, we’re sharing her insights with you here, in a series called “Inside Brightspot.” From creating users and permissions to knowing the difference between different dashboard widgets, this series will answer the questions anyone who publishes digital content has likely pondered.

When we talk about Brightspot's robust, powerful search capabilities, we tend to approach it in three core functionality areas: search filters, search results, and search actions. Let's dig into what capabilities exist in the search actions area.

When it comes to the actions themselves, there are two types: Global and Content-Type Specific.

Global search actions
The key, most important search actions are available before a user interacts with any filters. By default, a user will see:

  • Save Search: This action allows a user to create a saved search of this search query.
  • New Workstream: This action allows a user to create a Workstream of the given result set.
  • Fullscreen: This option sends the user to an immersive, dedicated search page, instead of the overlay. Some Brightspot users — especially admin users — rely on search for administrative functions, so often this stands as their landing page.
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Content type search actions

Once a user has restricted the search by a given filter, the search actions area will display additional options that make sense for the selected content type. These can include:

  • Bulk Edit All: This action allows a user to bulk edit all the selected items.
  • Bulk Archive All: This action allows a user to bulk archive all the selected items.
  • Watch: This action lets a "watch" all the selected items.
  • Create a New Gallery: If images are selected, this action allows a user to quickly create a photo gallery from the selected images.
  • Export All: This action allows a user to export the current selection (which will include an custom fields that were added to the results) to .csv for further sharing.
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About the Author
Meredith Rodkey is VP of Platform Product Management & Solutions at Brightspot. She has focused on product management for nearly 10 years, contributing to major Brightspot engagements from U.S. News & World Report to Arizent and Healthgrades. In her previous life, Meredith worked as a homepage editor and writer for, curating a daily experience for millions of users.

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