Two common digital transformation challenges—and how to overcome them

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Digital transformation is a regularly used term that can mean something different for every organization—even every individual. Generally, to Brightspot, digital transformation means one of two things: your technology needs to catch up with the business, or the technology wants to (or needs to) lead the business.

If you're asked to oversee digital transformation efforts for your organization, you need to know which of these two options you’re working with, as that's going to define every step you take from start to finish. It will also help you identify the objectives of your efforts and the team needed to ensure you’re successful.

Two common digital transformation challenges

It’s important to be aware of the challenges that can cause delays or halt digital transformation efforts altogether. At Brightspot, we often see two main issues that derail teams.

  1. Confusion or lack of understanding of your business. Lack of thorough understanding of your business might happen because of disparate systems, teams and processes, or it could happen when digital transformation is occurring in an effort to reclaim what the business is and how it operates. Regardless, it’s essential for people to understand what their objectives are and why, and then to have a grasp on the KPIs associated with success.  
  2. Lack of trust or confidence with your own context. The language you use is important in knowing "what’s what" throughout your digital transformation—it's what defines you. Projects fail because teams second guess fundamental concepts, or they use different terminology across function areas (e.g. your content team speaks about the business in ways that are different to the frame of reference for the technology department, versus how third-party vendors refer to those same things). If everyone isn’t on the same page with communication—and if there are even small variances to the way they describe each project, product, road map and more—things will break. 

How to overcome these challenges

First, spend the time to focus on your terms and your KPIs, and come to a decision on what you care about most; is it decreased cost? Increased revenue? Increased market share? Whatever your guiding light, your team needs to agree on the goals, how to get there and the measures of success.

Then, define your context. What’s your business problem? Does everyone agree on the same issues and challenges? Is there even really a problem? Having the right people in the room to answer these questions is key to then be able to effectively communicate the plan and road map.

Where Brightspot fits in

Brightspot provides a flexible platform to lay your context on top of—your terms, your language. Everything remains unique to your digital transformation journey, but Brightspot technology allows you to optimize the way your business works, while moving quickly—and with flexibility and resiliency.

Brightpot Ops Desk, for example, is a way for organizations to define their “context” throughout their digital transformation journeys. Ops Desk takes an organization's existing infrastructure and consolidates everything into a single user experience, making cloud teams more efficient, building up intelligence and metadata to quickly reconcile incidents, and establishing a single pane of glass through which everyone can achieve a common view.

Other examples? Organizations can take advantage of the ultimate flexibility of Brightspot workflows that create a completely customizable yet intuitive way to get the most out of your digital platform (and digital teams). Flexible content types and content templates, meanwhile, let you build the foundational assets and processes you need to be successful without being locked into a structure dictated by the system within which you assign, create and produce your content.

Ultimately, Brightspot's extensible architecture is built to adapt to your business needs and requirements, not the other way around—meaning you have the most sophisticated yet nimble engine to drive real digital transformation.

Teams often don’t spend enough time focusing on their own terminology and establishing this common view, but those that will be successful in their digital transformation efforts are those who lead by communicating with consistent, clear and concise language. Brightspot is a partner that won’t step in the way of this. We allow you to be a faster, more agile version of yourself.


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