Customer Testimonials: Why Top Global Brands Trust Perfect Sense to Deliver Valuable Outcomes

Perfect Sense was founded in 2008 with the belief that the following combination sets our company apart: a powerful, enterprise publishing platform and a team of committed professionals who wake up every morning focused on highest-quality implementation and customer satisfaction and success. From the first demo of Brightspot, we begin working for you. We listen, we collaborate with your teams, and we don’t believe it’s enough to meet your requirements and expectations—we work to exceed them in every way we can.

In today’s ever-changing world of business and technology, high-volume publishers, brand storytellers and media companies benefit from a platform designed to respond to their new ideas and requirements, coupled with professionals who understand this and work to embrace their organization and deliver a platform to support their digital transformation.

We begin each day thinking about ways to delight editors, empower developers and positively impact your business. The following case studies and testimonials showcase our work with global companies to do precisely that.


We were under time pressure to get something live that represented a high-quality user experience, which is often a recipe for trouble. That’s one of the reasons why it was very important to have a flexible technical partner and platform to work with.
Jonathan Pytell, Vice President and Director of Digital Product, Sotheby’s

In 2017, the international auction house determined that its Adobe content management system (AEM) was inhibiting digital innovation. The site was out of date, the CMS codebase had become difficult to maintain, and there were SEO concerns. Sotheby’s required a flexible solution that decreased dependence on IT, as well as a restructuring of internal taxonomy.

The Outcome: After successfully replatforming the Museum Network in less than 90 days, Sotheby’s migrated its flagship site (and its 3 million assets) from AEM to Brightspot. Sotheby’s digital overhaul has resulted in a 90% increase in sessions, 37% increase in pageviews, and 119% increase in users.

The relaunch of Sotheby’s Museum Network—much like the work we’ve done with Bluprint, GolfPass and CoStar—is a testament to the speed and flexibility of Brightspot’s Readymade product. Readymade is an out-of-the-box platform that combines enterprise power with publishing speed. It allows publishers to take their digital experiences to the next level with rapid deployments, a best-in-class UX, the ability to publish to more channels faster, and a reduced reliance on their IT department.

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The first time the Perfect Sense team demoed Brightspot, I asked if they had crawled into an editor’s head to build it. It was that intuitive.
Carrie Sloan, Vice President and Global Content Lab Director, Johnson & Johnson
Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson set out to revamp its corporate communications by establishing a brand newsroom. Designed to control the heritage brand’s narrative with a more journalistic, multimedia approach, this new enterprise required a modern, scalable CMS that empowered its communications team to operate as editors and publishers.

The Outcome: Backed by Brightspot’s powerful publishing platform, robust security, multisite support, microsite capabilities and integrated digital asset management, Johnson & Johnson’s communications team evolved into an industry-leading brand storytelling powerhouse. Site traffic has increased by 30%, and Johnson & Johnson continues to deploy global corporate websites on Brightspot’s next-gen platform.

As the above testimonial from the Global Content Lab director highlights, by staying close to our customers and fully understanding the needs of sophisticated publishers, we’re able to walk into a room and—from the very first demo—impress and delight editors.

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Sticking with a legacy CMS would have constrained our creativity and undermined our confidence. With a modern CMS like Brightspot, we can move and innovate the way we want now, and in the future.
Caitlin Brown, Senior Manager, Digital Strategy, Walmart

When Walmart decided to shift its corporate communications strategy toward brand storytelling, the company needed a visually and emotionally engaging platform that could streamline publishing. The world’s largest retailer wasn’t looking for just any IT vendor; it needed a dependable technology partner committed to growing and innovating its products to support the company’s evolving needs.

The Outcome: In just five months, Walmart launched its revamped corporate website on Brightspot. More than 70,000 pieces of content are managed within the CMS, allowing Walmart to easily weave storytelling into each section of its websites. Thanks to Brightspot, Walmart can effectively display the heart and soul behind its brand, a powerful evolution that’s resulted in a 155% increase in traffic.

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