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The role intranet technology plays in inspiring and retaining employees

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Employees have to be inspired to do good work, an even greater challenge now that many are in fully remote or working in hybrid office settings. Having the right technology and tools in place to foster employee connection are a growing need to help companies attract, onboard and retain an engaged and productive workforce.

We’re well into the second half of 2021, and, though much remains uncertain about the future, the waning days of summer can be a time for many businesses and individuals to revisit the resolutions they set out to achieve back in January.

At the same time, more and more people have utilized the past nearly two years during the pandemic as a moment for reflection, making both personal and career changes. As a result, today’s companies are especially reflecting on how they can continue to keep their employees engaged and motivated.

At the core of this is understanding that employees have to be inspired to do good work—and having the right technology and tools in place to fuel and make room for that creative inspiration goes a long way.

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What attracting, inspiring and upleveling employees in the new era looks like

One bright side of the pandemic is that it forced internal reflection in many of us, including within businesses. What do we value? What do we stand for? How do we want our people, clients, partners and stakeholders to view us? These were all questions many organizations had to face in light of societal and economic pressures over the past year.

What's more, "The Great Resignation" became a direct result of an increasing number of employees recognizing the need for change from their current work situations.

Keys to employee engagement and retention

Attracting, inspiring and upleveling employees in the new era has shifted, and there are three things in particular for organizations and businesses today to keep in mind.
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Communicate, communicate, communicate
A lot of unknowns still remain as companies figure out their next moves in rebuilding and coming out of the past two years stronger than ever. Ensuring your workforce knows where the business is at and is currently headed is key to maintaining trust.
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Know your mission and reinforce it
It's never been more important to stand for something bigger than your business and carry out that mission authentically in your day-to-day operations. Especially with remote employees onboarding, ensuring you're reinforcing your mission with all of your organization's people to serve as a guiding light to the future is critical for an inspired and motivated workforce.
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Look towards the future of work, and what this will mean for your organization
Remote, in-person, hybrid—whatever your approach, consider your employees first and their new preferences for working.

    Intranet technology as a means of inspiring community and culture

    At the center of carrying out all of the above successfully—encouraging strong communication, reinforcing your principles to create community, and fostering collaboration in any type of work environment—is the right technology. Technology plays a bigger role than ever before in attracting, inspiring and upleveling today's employees. Prospective employees look to organizations that have the infrastructure to foster a productive and motivating work environment.

    For Brightspot, the past 12 months worked successfully because, for the most part, teams went into a remote environment (with projects already in-progress and an infrastructure that supported them), and they had experience working together across the organization. We also noticed that customers needed increased support with their internal communication strategies, which is why there’s been a tremendous amount of focus on intranets and communication tools, and making sure key company values and information were available at the fingertips of all employees.
    Image of Brightspot founder and CEO, David Gang
    David Gang, Brightspot CEO & Co-Founder, interviewed by Forbes in "How To Be A Bright Spot"

    In fact, a recent report based out of Europe on mid-size organizations found that 42% of respondents said technology platforms introduced in their businesses during the pandemic had increased their workload, rather than reduced it. What's more, nearly two-thirds (65%) believed their company had digitized processes to copy customers or partners, rather than to address a particular need within their own business.

    Understanding the right technology your business needs to foster internal community and culture—and thus inspire employees—is the first step. And, when done right, it makes an impact. According to a recent Deloitte report, more than 70% of respondents value digital solutions that deepen their connection with other people. This is where intranet technology can play a critical role.

    How your intranet can foster employee community and culture

    A great intranet can help with connecting new and existing employees, ultimately boosting culture and building retention. Using interactive, timely, personalized content, you can foster "community and culture experiences" in any environment through your intranet.
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    Encouraging strong communication
    An intranet that allows for speed and personalization means leadership teams can get critical business communications out to people in a timely and relevant manner.
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    Reinforcing your mission and principles to create community

    With a flexible and future-proof intranet, there's one central place for employees to stay up to date on the latest business priorities, and find important communications regarding goals, objectives and progress.
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    Fostering collaboration in any type of work environment

    No matter where employees work, a strong intranet provides an always-on central repository for key business updates and information, as well as for connecting with colleagues.

    More and more, people are seeking opportunities where they can be both challenged and inspired—and we know that inspired employees mean inspired work. Motivating people in this new era is different than it's been before, and technologies like modern intranet solutions go a long way in not only building, but creating room for inspiration.


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