Data modeling

Content data modeling happens through code. Typically, before that code is written, a database must first be created to allow developers to identify individual fields that will be utilized. This database then has to be synchronized with the code to carry out the data model.

In having to create database tables and identify fields, columns and more in the process, users face a number of risks and challenges. The more time spent on creating and perfecting a database, the more error-prone that project is. Meanwhile, having to create and synchronize a database with code extends the time it takes to carry out the project. In order to have a taxonomy that’s logical and well-structured, developers have come to understand the importance of solutions that enable agility while also maintaining all levels of a site’s integrity.

With Brightspot’s platform, content data modeling refers to implementing your site’s business logic, including identifying the properties comprising a content type. Brightspot’s platform allows users to clearly model each piece of data as needed, from the ground up.

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While practitioners spend a lot of time doing on-page SEO, it can be beneficial to look further upstream and optimize your CMS content model for SEO. The content model helps to establish the structured data that search engines use to understand and prioritize different web content. Find out more here.
Brightspot gives editors even more flexibility than before by enabling them to create their own content types in just a few mouse clicks
With the Brightspot CMS, we take a different approach that combines a more intuitive architecture and flexibility to drive your business forward. And that’s thanks to Dari, a principle that has made Brightspot what it is today.
Brightspot frees users from traditional backend complexities involved in data modeling, allowing them to quickly adapt to any future changes.
As a technical leader, finding the right CMS for your organization will require flexibility, and that isn’t always easy for some platforms.

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