Brightspot Ops Desk

Monitor, research and analyze all your cloud activities from one centralized dashboard

screenshot of Ops Desk, a cloud-resource management and incident response tool

What’s the business pain point Brightspot Ops Desk addresses?

Engineering teams typically have had to utilize many tools to handle their day-to-day activities. From development to build creation to code and incident reviews, engineers could have multiple services they utilize for a given task. With so many different resources to rely upon, the ability to see what has happened or identify any patterns occurring within an organization's cloud can be a challenge, to say the least. Any investigation into past events can spiral into a whole-day affair of digging through information and data spread out across disparate services.

How does Ops Desk approach this problem?

Ops Desk was built with the understanding that engineers rely on the different tools they currently use to get the job done — rather than replacing them, Ops Desk brings all of those events and different services under one user experience, vastly improving the user experience and greatly improving cloud teams' overall effectiveness.

Brightspot Ops Desk provides integrations with the top names in the industry to allow quick access to an organization's information. Once data is flowing through Ops Desk, the event information is formatted in a standard layout to allow for quick comparison and analysis.

Key features and benefits:

  • Single pane of glass - All events in one location, giving organizations a full picture of what is happening with the cloud.
  • Powerful search functions - Quickly find and review the specific events in question by using our powerful search and filter functions.
  • Visualization - Just one look at the charts can give insights into the level of activity happening within the cloud by showing an organization's number of events happening each day.
  • Export to reports - Extract event information from Ops Desk to answer questions from stakeholders about events metrics and patterns.

What is the main benefit to cloud teams?

Brightspot Ops Desk combines existing infrastructure and event-monitoring tools into a single user experience, making your engineering team's ability to research or review cloud activities effortless. Team members no longer need to waste time by going from service to service or getting tunnel vision in focusing on one type of service event.

Ops Desk is a cloud team's top destination to get a full understanding of the activities that happen within an organization's cloud, as well as the spot to glean insights on infrastructure health and patterns that could be potentially problematic and costly to the organization.


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