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Creating a vibrant newsroom for Marriott International to showcase its family of brands to a global audience

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Stuck with the limitations of a one-dimensional WordPress solution, Marriott International turned to Brightspot to invigorate corporate storytelling across its portfolio of 30 brands and more than 8,000 hotel properties around the world.

The Marriott International challenge

Marriott International is a global company with 30 different brands in its stable. Each has its own identity—its own unique swerve and swagger for customers across the travel spectrum, from frequent business travelers to vacationing leisure-seekers. It looks after more than 8,000 properties in 139 countries so there’s always something exciting happening in this worldwide portfolio.

But publishing these stories to stakeholders, the media and interested third parties wasn’t easy using Marriott International’s previous news site, hosted on WordPress. This platform had limited functionality and the communications team was unable to leverage the full scope of images, video and audio in its updates.

The plain-text media posts were old-fashioned and clunky and just didn’t reflect the aspirational nature of the Marriott International brand and its breadth of lifestyle experiences, travel-tech innovation and global reach. An overhaul was long overdue.

Marriott International: Brightspot CMS case study promo graphic

The Brightspot solution for Marriott International

Brightspot was able to bring its deep expertise in corporate communications and brand storytelling to ensure Marriott International’s revamped press site delivered a dramatic improvement.

The initial Brightspot engagement in 2019 with Marriott International started with a complete refresh and revitalization of the corporate newsroom, giving it a modern new look and an easy-to-navigate layout. Digging into Brightspot's well of existing templates and modules, this fresh and unique look was delivered in just four months.

Migrating to Brightspot as its content management system (CMS) solution also turbocharged the site’s performance and functionality. This meant Marriott International's PR and marketing team could post beautiful images, enticing videos and atmospheric audio files. It allowed them to quickly capture the audience’s attention and tell brand stories in a modern, professional and utterly engaging way. Further, new content was instantly responsive to mobile devices, elevating the brand's storytelling capabilities regardless of delivery channel.

Powered by Brightspot’s intuitive CMS, Marriott International users can now publish media-rich, vibrant announcements quickly and easily. Readers get a tantalizing glimpse into the worldwide scope of the instantly recognizable global brand, while Marriott International has the tools it needs to tell the stories that bring its customers to the doorstep of the world's most memorable cities, landscape and travel experiences.

The outcome for Marriott International

With Brightspot as its CMS, Marriott International can easily publish timely stories, bursting with color, motion and sound. The site has helped grab the media’s attention and empowered the brand to tell its corporate stories in a modern and professional way.

The CMS's robust publishing capabilities make sure Marriott International’s brand messaging reinforces its position as a giant in the hospitality sector and one of the biggest and most respected companies in the world. Previously, Marriott International's press site was a weak link—now it’s an engaging doorway to the business’s latest news.

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