Brightspot Ops Desk

Why we created Ops Desk

Operations Manager Working With Engineer At Computer

At the heart of Brightspot is a steadfast commitment to helping our customers work smarter, faster, and more seamlessly. Which is why when our operations team was facing challenges managing complex cloud infrastructures, we knew we had to tackle these issues—not just for ourselves, but for our customers, too.

Ops Desk was developed to help cloud teams more effectively manage cloud accounts by integrating disparate information into a single pane of glass. From there, customers can monitor cloud activity and easily pinpoint the cause of outages. Ops Desk’s tagging capabilities also give engineers the power to label triggering events and identify patterns that will help mitigate problems in the future. Less downtime translates into higher performing cloud teams and a better experience for end users.

By reducing the time engineering teams spend searching for information and reconciling outages, Ops Desk customers are able to focus on what matters most—moving their business forward.


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