A Brightspot Case Study

Managing 25 Diverse Brands from a Single Platform

Scalable CMS

Unifying a diverse brand portfolio to increase engagement and unlock new growth and development opportunities.

The Challenge: With over 20 brands in its portfolio, SourceMedia provides 2.5 million subscribers, attendees, exhibitors, and advertisers with the resources they need to excel in their individual markets. After using 17 content management systems to manage 25 sites, SourceMedia’s tech-savvy team sought a scalable, open-framework CMS that could unify all of their brands under a common codebase.

Scalable Content Management System Example

Brightspot is the lego set of the CMS world and with it we have the power and flexibility to customize any part of the system to suit our exact needs.
Matt Cribbs, SourceMedia’s Vice President of Technology

The Brightspot: With a modern CMS platform, SourceMedia was able to redeploy all of its digital properties—including flagship publications American Banker, Financial Planning, and Accounting Today—onto one CMS with a single authoring point. Project highlights include:

  • A flexible framework that SourceMedia's in-house development team learned and continues to extend independently.
  • Customizable templates with drag and-drop features that standardize, simplify, and speed up the process of creating and launching conference microsites.
  • The ability to take advantage of additional revenue opportunities with streamlined mobile integration, which enabled users to purchase content via mobile and advertisers to target mobile readers.
Sourcemedia CMS Customer

Brightspot empowered SourceMedia to take full ownership of the CMS, completely customize the admin experience, streamline mobile integration, and diversify their digital revenue. Since kicking off a partnership with Brightspot, SourceMedia continues to meet its engagement and revenue goals and has garnered six awards for innovation and leadership in the B2B media industry.

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