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By Jenny SylversMay 11, 2020
Rebranding your website can be an overwhelming task with many different moving parts. Learn from Special Olympic's website rebranding experience and 5 key takeaways to think about before starting your own project.
By Rose PleskowApril 24, 2020
Alexa has been working at Brighspot since March 2018
By Jenny SylversApril 16, 2020
We recently had a chat with Christine Medina, Ad Council’s VP of Digital Product, about how they leverage microsites to draw attention and action to the various public service campaigns they run. With dozens of active campaigns, ensuring a smooth process is essential to them.
By Jenny SylversApril 06, 2020
Microsites are powerful tools that allow marketers to focus on one single goal in a specific, targeted way that traditional marketing with a full website cannot. We're taking a look at 5 amazing microsites developed by Ad Council to showcase what makes them so effective.
By Rose PleskowApril 03, 2020
Rose went on the record with Kevin Amrein, a senior software engineer who started at Brightspot after graduating from James Madison University. Initially a back-end engineer working on the Brightspot platform, Kevin's role has expanded during his time at Brightspot to include working on sales demos and client projects. During the conversation, Kevin shares how these experiences have helped him grow as a developer and describes more about his recent work with Whole Foods.
By Rose PleskowMarch 06, 2020
This month, Rose went on the record with Minnie Kwag, a software engineer who started her career at Brightspot, formerly Perfect Sense, after graduating from UVA nearly five years ago and has contributed to a variety of projects during that time. Previously an engineer in client services, Minnie discusses her transition to the platform team and her responsibilities as a lead engineer. Beyond the workplace, Rose and Minnie discussed her passion for movies and the origin of her interest in web development growing up with Myspace.
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