A Brightspot Case Study

Pioneering Brand Storytelling with the Creation of a Global Content Lab

JNJ Brand Storytelling

Making the evolution into a brand storytelling powerhouse by applying a newsroom mentality to traditional corporate communications.

The Challenge: In an effort to show—not just tell—what makes its brand unique, Johnson & Johnson decided to revamp its corporate communications strategy with the establishment of a brand newsroom. To transition into a Global Content Lab, Johnson & Johnson needed a solution that was powerful enough to support an increase in content development and distribution, stable enough to serve a market-leading company, and secure enough to manage all of its corporate financial documents.

JNJ Brand Storytelling example

The first time the Perfect Sense team demoed Brightspot, I asked if they had crawled into an editor’s head to build it. It was that intuitive.
Carrie Sloan, Vice President and Global Content Lab Director, Johnson & Johnson

The Brightspot: Backed by a powerful publishing platform, Johnson & Johnson's communications team can now deliver dynamic experiences faster and easier than ever before. Their evolution to the Global Content lab was also aided by Brightspot’s powerful management capabilities, robust security, multi-site support, microsite capabilities, and integrated digital asset management. Project highlights include:

  • Improved editorial functionality with customizable workflows and user roles, rich text editor, live preview, and multi-channel publishing capabilities that powered the brand's evolution into a storytelling powerhouse.
  • A brand new executive blog that allows leaders—such as CEO Alex Gorsky— to communicate the company’s priorities and values to more than 130,000 company employees.
  • Seamless integrations with existing SaaS tools and third-parties for investor relations, that increase the platform’s security overall.
JNJ Mobile Corporate Storytelling

With the help of Brightspot, Johnson & Johnson, which was once only synonymous with its brands, is a shining example of how heritage brands can execute a flawless digital transformation. Today, J&J continues to embrace Brightspot, with plans to deploy additional global corporate websites on the next-gen platform.

Johnson & Johnson and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Using AWS and the Beam tool suite provides many benefits for J&J including:

  • High availability using AWS's storage, CDN, and traffic-sensitive scaling capabilities.

  • Low latency delivery using a CDN to serve content, whether it's text or multi-media, closer to the consumer.

  • Rapid infrastructure change using Beam and the AWS SDK to spin up new environments and expand or modify existing ones on the fly.

  • Safe installation of Brightspot updates with no downtime using a blue/green deployment model.
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