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Building an endpoint and ensuring its proper editorial management

As a developer, you're well used to building robust and scalable applications that cater to the diverse requirements of businesses. One such requirement might be that you build an API endpoint that needs to be managed by someone else, like an administrator; however, admin teams contain individuals of all different levels of technical expertise. That being the case, there's a risk that they may introduce errors into your production environment. What you build must then be built smartly to prevent such errors.

In this tutorial, you will programmatically create a GraphQL endpoint so that an administrator can manage it later in Brightspot. The endpoint requirements are as follows: The endpoint should be able ...

With Brightspot, programmatic creation of GraphQL endpoints (and building their configuration fields into the editorial UI) is easy.

In this blog post's corresponding tutorial, you will learn how to create a simple GraphQL delivery API endpoint that requires an API key, and then how to make its configuration available to administrators in the editorial interface if they need to adjust the endpoint in the future.

This achieves two ends—first, you'll meet your company's requirements of building a simple endpoint that requires an API key; second, you'll even further serve the company by making the UI experience as specific and safe as possible, ensuring that administrators can manage the endpoint in the future—safely.

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