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Australia-based publisher New Atlas relaunches on Brightspot

image of sky announcing New Atlas platform relaunch on Brightspot

New Atlas, one of the world’s largest independent science and technology publications, has relaunched on Brightspot. Thanks to the product’s powerful out-of-the-box offerings, New Atlas’ publishing ecosystem has benefited in a variety of ways: the global team of writers now enjoy a best-in-class publishing experience with a streamlined submission and approval process; IT and developers are freed from many of the administrative burdens typically associated with managing a CMS; and executives get a high return on investment and low total cost of ownership, thanks to a rapid deployment and ongoing product innovation.

The Brightspot relaunch benefits New Atlas’ sizable readership, as well. Brightspot's dynamic tagging makes it simpler to link content on the back end and easier to surface germane content on the front end, therefore improving the overall front-end experience. What’s more, by optimizing the site for SEO via metadata and URL optimization in the relaunch, the site’s 4 million monthly visitors can now locate and consume archival content that’s most relevant.

Another important aspect of this replatforming project involved streamlining the creation and distribution of New Atlas’ email newsletter, which is distributed to more than 280,000 people each day. With a custom integration with Mailchimp, the New Atlas team is now able to build, preview, schedule and send daily newsletters and campaigns in a single workflow within the CMS.

Brightspot also empowered the team to better manage their Google ads with Ocelot and sponsored content with Taboola. New Atlas now maintains complete control over their advertising templates, and they have the flexibility to place ad units on their pages precisely where they want them.

With the new site, New Atlas also made improvements to New Atlas Plus, which provides subscribers with additional premium content and an ad-free experience. By integrating with Stripe, an online payment processing company, the team at New Atlas can now determine which country a potential subscriber is located in to ensure they only accept payments from those who live in eligible countries. Brightspot also helps to keep the Australian company GDPR-compliant through an integration with Admiral.

As our full suite of integrations suggests, the Brightspot team is passionate about helping clients work as efficiently as possible to produce best-in-class digital experiences. Whether our customers are based down the street from us in Virginia, in Salt Lake City, Seattle or, as is the case with New Atlas, 10,000 miles away, our team is committed to going the distance to foster the success and happiness of our partners.

We’re proud to add New Atlas to our growing family of leading global media companies that trust Brightspot to deliver optimal, highly personalized outcomes for their businesses.


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