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Enterprise Content Management System

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A look at how Brightspot's Content Business Platform works to solve enterprise content management challenges for its customers.

The challenge of enterprise content management
Today’s websites are complex and dynamic creations. To provide an exceptional user experience, they must unify diverse content, technologies, services, and partners. This requires capabilities beyond what a traditional enterprise content management system offers, especially for organizations with large archives of content. However, as customers become increasingly digital, winning their loyalty starts and ends online.

How does Brightspot approach content management?
As a Content Business Platform, Brightspot can act as a powerful enterprise CMS by delivering efficiency, innovation, and flexibility, at scale. Built upon a publisher informed interface, it allows for the execution of streamlined content creation and distribution process. It also supports a myriad of native integrations that connect into your existing technology stack. Our API-first platform allows you to flexibly ingest content from any source and power any front-end experience.

Key features & benefits

  • Content as a Service - Brightspot is a true “content as a service,” API-first platform, which enables enterprise content integration from any source — such as feeds, third-party applications, or external contributors. It powers any front-end experience or syndication to external systems, all from a single, unified editorial interface.
  • Ease of Integration - Easily integrate with your existing content, data and metrics systems, both internal and external. This capability unified your entire digital ecosystems and/or to augment those systems without requiring a complete rip-and-replace approach to digital innovation.
  • Unified Publishing - Publish once, available anywhere. Brightspot makes your business logic, your workflows, your content, and your integrations work together in a way that makes perfect sense, without compromises.
  • Powerful Search - As a content-first platform, our enterprise content management capabilities offer a pristine editorial experience powered by a unified and contextual search experience. Every content item that's editorially created or ingested into the platform is instantly indexed and made available.
  • Cloud-Native - Brightspot is a cloud-native ECM platform with optimized development and operations best practices and tools to enable continuous development, integration and deployments without user experience interruption.
  • Editorial Workflows - Brightspot’s Workflow Engine is designed to give administrative control over workflow rules quickly and without the need for development assistance. These workflows can be created via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

Why choose Brightspot for enterprise content management?
Brightspot reduces time and effort by utilizing a new approach to enterprise content management that combines advanced tooling and streamlined processes — delivering sites in a fraction of the time it traditionally takes. Our Content Business Platform is designed to scale to the demands of some of the largest sites in the world, supporting millions of digital assets through millions of pageviews. It is both flexible and customizable, and offers the support you need as your specific digital strategy and priorities evolve.


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All Brightspot Features

The Brightspot Content Business Platform is built by publishers and developers, and is designed to grow with your business.
A robust set of tools to manage sites, content, users and permissions, workflows, languages, and analytics.
Keyword-driven and comprehensive, filterable search and taxonomy features make folders a thing of the past.
Intuitive and designed for the work, including rich-text editing, embeds, plus collaboration features that make teamwork work.
Start publishing content rapidly thanks to built-in, extensible content types including text assets, media, pages and much more.
Drive deeper engagement and personalized experiences by leveraging authentication, profiling, segmentation and affinity features.
Built to be a bridge to your systems and all your data, start with one of the 70 plug-and-play integrations, or build any custom integration to meet your business needs.
Meet users where they are thanks to syndication and distribution tools like RSS, sitemaps, SEO tools, social publishing and translation support.
Front-end agnostic means content businesses can publish how they want - headless with GraphQL or decoupled - all from the same environment.
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