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6 expert tips: How to earn top spot in search rankings

Webinar – Guide to SEO & Content leadership: How to secure the top spot in SERPs

In a recent webinar hosted by Semji’s Corentin Corentin Mirande and featuring Brightspot SEO expert Miles De Feyter, attendees got a detailed look at what it takes to earn top keyword rankings through a careful combination of strategic planning, competitive analysis and content workflows. Here are some of the key takeaways from this insightful and expert-led hourlong deep dive into all things SEO.

Align your SEO strategy with business goals

The key takeaway: To truly succeed in SEO, it's crucial to align your SEO strategy with your business objectives. This means understanding what your business aims to achieve and ensuring your SEO efforts support these goals directly. A well-aligned strategy helps prioritize efforts that lead to conversions and growth, rather than just improving rankings. This approach ensures that SEO contributes meaningfully to the bottom line, driving business success through increased traffic and better conversion rates.

Align your SEO strategy to your business strategy otherwise it’s not a strategy; it’s a PDF. We don’t care about rankings, we care about conversion at the end of the day.
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji

Why it matters: Aligning your SEO strategy with business goals involves focusing on keywords and content that are relevant to your core business objectives. For example, if your business goal is to increase sales of a particular product, your SEO efforts should focus on keywords and content that attract potential buyers of that product. This way, your SEO activities are directly tied to achieving your business targets.

Use data-driven decisions for SEO

The key takeaway: Relying on intuition alone is not sufficient in today’s SEO landscape. Utilizing data to inform your SEO decisions is paramount to understanding where you stand and identifying opportunities for growth. By leveraging tools such as Google Search Console, Ahrefs and Semrush, you can gain valuable insights into your website’s performance, identify gaps and uncover new opportunities to enhance your SEO strategy.

Use data to inform your strategy to discover those opportunities. SEO strategy should be data-driven and not made in a vacuum.
Miles De Feyter
Miles De Feyter, Director of SEO and Customer Engagement

Why it matters: Modern SEO requires a data-driven approach to stay competitive. Data helps in making informed decisions about which keywords to target, which pages to optimize and how to allocate resources effectively. These tools provide comprehensive data on search rankings, backlinks and competitor analysis, allowing you to tailor your SEO strategy to maximize results. By continuously analyzing and adjusting based on data, you can ensure your efforts are always aligned with the latest trends and best practices.

Understand and adapt to your competitive environment

The key takeaway: Your SEO competitors may not be the same as your business competitors. It’s essential to understand who you’re up against in the SEO space and adapt your strategy accordingly. This involves identifying websites that rank for the same keywords you are targeting and analyzing their strategies. By doing so, you can gain insights into what works and what doesn’t in your specific niche.

You need to have in mind that your SEO competitors are not the same as your business competitors. Your SEO competitors are the websites that rank for the same keywords you want to rank for.
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji

Why it matters: Understanding your competitive environment helps in creating a more effective SEO strategy. For example, if you discover that informational websites are dominating the search results for your target keywords, you might need to adjust your content strategy to include more informational content. Additionally, knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors allows you to find opportunities where you can outperform them, whether through better content, superior technical SEO or stronger backlinks.

Prioritize quality over quantity

The key takeaway: Producing high-quality content that meets user intent is more beneficial than creating a large quantity of low-quality pages. Focus on creating or optimizing pages that have the potential to perform well. High-quality content is more likely to be valued by both users and search engines, leading to better rankings and more meaningful traffic.

Work less to gain more. Identify the 1%, 5% or 10% of your pages that would benefit most from being re-optimized or created.
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji
Corentin Mirande, Head of International Development, Semji

Why it matters: At the end of the day, quality content addresses the needs and questions of your audience comprehensively. It provides valuable information, answers queries and offers solutions. This not only helps in improving your search rankings but also builds trust and credibility with your audience. By prioritizing quality, you ensure that your content is useful, relevant and engaging, which ultimately leads to higher conversion rates and better user satisfaction.

Automate and streamline your processes

The key takeaway: Efficiency in content production and SEO management is key to maintaining high standards and adapting to changes quickly. Utilize tools and workflows that integrate seamlessly into your existing processes. Automation can help manage repetitive tasks, allowing your team to focus on strategic and creative aspects of SEO.

How you work matters a lot. Streamline your process to reduce context switching and make the workflow easy for everyone involved.
Miles De Feyter
Miles De Feyter, Director of SEO and Customer Engagement

Why it matters: Streamlining your processes involves using integrated tools that reduce the need for context switching and improve collaboration across teams. Tools like Semrush and Google Docs writing assistants can help writers produce optimized content more efficiently. Additionally, integrating SEO tools (including Semji) into your CMS can provide real-time insights and recommendations, further enhancing productivity and ensuring that SEO best practices are followed consistently.

Maintain flexibility and adaptability

The key takeaway: The SEO landscape and user intent are constantly evolving. It’s crucial to remain flexible and adaptable to stay ahead. Regularly updating your content and strategies ensures that you remain competitive and relevant. This includes adapting to changes in search algorithms, user behavior and market trends.

It’s not the strongest that survives, but the species that survives is the one that is able to adapt and adjust best to the changing environment.
Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin

Why it matters: Maintaining flexibility involves continuously monitoring and analyzing performance data to identify areas for improvement. It also means being open to experimenting with new strategies and tools. Adapting quickly to changes allows you to capitalize on new opportunities and mitigate potential risks. In the long run, a flexible and adaptive approach ensures sustained SEO success and helps you stay ahead of the competition.

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In this webinar, we covered the following key topics:
  • Why becoming the SEO leader in your industry should be a top priority
  • Where to allocate your team’s efforts to maximize your impact on SERPs
  • How to create and maintain content velocity while navigating Google’s updates
If you’d like to watch this webinar, the replay is available to watch anytime here.

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