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This picture shows a printing press for a newspaper in action with a blurry shot of newspapers in the printing process
By Chris SmithNovember 08, 2019
Print publishing is still significant for newsrooms, but it presents challenges in a digital age. That's why we integrated Adobe InDesign with Brightspot.
Photo of two young people recording a podcast in a studio
By Chris SmithNovember 07, 2019
Podcast transcripts are both a useful and beneficial tool for podcasters. Find out how Brightspot saves podcasters time and money with Amazon Transcribe.
A young woman with glasses is sitting at a desk looking at a laptop with art supplies in the foreground
By Chris SmithNovember 06, 2019
Choosing the right tags can be time consuming and lead to missed opportunities. Here’s how Brightspot solves that problem with Amazon Comprehend.
A black and a caucasian young woman are sitting in a business meeting in a modern office. They discuss something over papers and a laptop while one of them is pointing at the computer screen. Both are wearing glasses and pie charts are visible in the background.
By Ashley KraussNovember 05, 2019
Google Ads is the no. 1 option in the world of online ads, so we not only made it a default integration, we also made it easy to use. Here’s how it works in Brightspot.
By Meredith RodkeyOctober 28, 2019
For sites where login and authentication are part of the business model—meaning a site visitor registers to become a user of the site—Brightspot also treats those users as objects.
By Meredith RodkeyOctober 25, 2019
Brightspot’s primary goal is getting assets published live within the CMS, but what happens to those assets after publish — on the front end of the website — is equally important.
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