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Easy as 1-2-3: How click targets reduce frustration and save time

Brightspot click target tool

Imagine you’re working against a tight deadline. You’re completely absorbed when you find you need to quickly reorder all the assets on your page. Switching gears (and sides of the brain) to revise the layout of a content-heavy page can be frustrating, especially when required to perform the cumbersome process of removing and re-adding each asset, or repeatedly clicking an arrow button to move multiple assets up and down the page.

Partnering closely with well known brand and media companies has given Brightspot a unique perspective into the types of tools that busy editorial teams need. That’s why we enhanced the Brightspot RTE with a special feature to take the stress out of formatting and empower you to focus on content.

Some content management systems use drag and drop to rearrange assets, but we took that idea and improved on it. Because we know digital teams are increasingly working via mobile devices, we designed the click target feature to be more device-friendly for users on mobile and tablet—a significant improvement over drag-and-drop.

The “click target tool” makes moving assets within your rich text editor a breeze. With a simple select-point-select, you can choose the exact location where you want your asset to appear on the page. Editors no longer need to repeatedly click arrows to move their images, videos or social embeds. The click target tool eliminates the need to remove and re-insert assets in new locations and is more precise than drag-and-drop functionality, which can be sluggish and difficult to maneuver in an enhancement-heavy user interface and especially on a mobile device.

Because we know digital teams are increasingly working via mobile devices, another important advantage of the click target feature is that it's more device-friendly for users on mobile and tablet. That's a significant improvement over drag-and-drop.

To top it off, Brightspot’s visual interface and inline preview functionality enable editors to see their changes in real time, without ever having to leave edit mode.

To learn more about other features that distinguish Brightspot’s RTE, including how feedback from busy editors led to "Zen" mode, read What Savvy Editors Can Expect From a Rich Text Editor.


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