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Why you need a modern digital asset management solution

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Brightspot’s digital asset management tools, built on top of a powerful search engine, make it possible to find, edit and publish content fast and efficiently.

From your audience’s perspective, when done right, digital services delivery looks easy. To meet that expectation, your organization’s assets must be delivered consistently, no matter where your audience encounters them, be it desktop or mobile, TV or print.

Once users take this level of usability and convenience for granted, you know you’ve succeeded in delivering a seamless multichannel experience. But getting there isn’t easy; it requires a lot of coordination. Without the proper tools, you can waste countless hours searching for assets and switching between disparate systems to create, manage and distribute content.

This is why organizations need modern digital asset management (DAM) platforms. DAM brings order to the creative process, simplifying and accelerating the tasks associated with providing relevant, updated content to users without muddying the process.

Alistair Wearmouth
By Alistair Wearmouth
August 02, 2021
A digital asset management system is a solution that helps organizations and publishers manage and access all of their digital assets through tools like search, workflows and editing features—all in one place. Find out here some of the more common questions around digital asset management.
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Why digital asset management is in demand

Delivering a consistent, seamless digital experience requires creating and organizing various types of content, from text and photos to audio and video. The content also has to be presented in an intuitive, aesthetically pleasing way—complete with relevant cross-reference links between assets for easy navigation.

Without a well-defined workflow, content creation and distribution get pretty chaotic. With DAM, it doesn’t have to be. DAM provides a centralized repository for all of your organization’s digital assets, from audio files and PDFs to images and social media content.

Beyond library services, DAM also facilitates information sharing and collaboration as teams go through the steps of content creation—planning, creation, review, version control, approval and license management.

The power of search in digital asset management solution

On of the biggest benefits of a DAM system is to make finding assets easy and intuitive. Content teams that struggle to locate assets waste both time and money. Publication deadlines get pushed back and content isn’t refreshed as often as it should be, reducing the incentive for consumers to keep coming back.

That’s why a fast, powerful search engine was a priority in developing Brightspot’s Media Desk DAM solution. Media Desk takes the hassle out of searching for hard-to-find assets with advanced capabilities including word proximity, diacritical marks search and exact phrase search.

Media Desk is a modern DAM with all the features you need to create, manage and publish digital content. It boasts a custom front end and employs artificial intelligence (AI). One of the ways that manifests itself is via a suite of AWS tools, including Rekognition, which allows for intelligent image and video analysis to identify objects, people, text and activities.

With Rekognition, Brightspot automatically tags an image or video based on keywords, text matching, celebrity matching and explicit content. The end result is images and videos that are significantly easier to find and utilize, saving busy editors valuable time.

In addition, you don’t have to switch screens between Brightspot and third-party systems to edit images because Brightspot has cropping, filtering and text overlay functionality.

Upload and other features
Content teams often are forced to go through the chore of individually uploading multiple images, documents and videos. Brightspot lets you upload assets in bulk—even when it involves different types of files. To minimize clicks, you can even upload entire folders of multiple different asset types. Downloading is just as easy: You can download content directly from the asset record and convert it to the most popular file types.

Bulk upload on Brightspot
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Inside Brightspot: Bulk upload content in Brightspot

Finding (all of) your DAM assets

With federated search, you can easily find assets both within your environment and on external sites integrated with Brightspot. If the document you’re trying to locate is in Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, for example, you can search for it directly from the CMS. If you need an image or graphic, and you want to see what's available from Getty, AP or Shutterstock, you can also perform that search without having to switch tabs, navigate to the right site and log in—again saving busy editors precious time.

Once you’ve found the right image, you can also import it as a Brightspot content type, then edit and add metadata right from inside your workflow in the CMS.

Brightspot also tackles one of the biggest challenges of content creation: version control. This solution tracks every change and gives you side-by-side views of revisions. The Media Desk widget keeps all revisions to any document (including the associated file) and makes the earlier versions easily accessible if you need to revert.

Teams working with multiple assets frequently need to communicate with one another. Brightspot’s conversation widget facilitates that by letting users collaborate, ask questions and share information.

Brightspot also supports multi-language publishing so you can deliver content in the local language. Brightspot’s multisite capabilities also make it easy to manage and share content across multiple sites, each with its own look and feel. You might run your campaign site on Brightspot, and use Media Desk as the repository for all your images, logos and documents.

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Inside Brightspot: Multisite overview

Other Brightspot/Media Desk features include:

Two-way sync with OVPs: Lets you seamlessly integrate with online video platforms such as Amazon Elemental, Brightcove, Ooyala, Kaltura, mpx and YouTube. Brightspot also allows you to stay in-synch with your OVP content, without you having to do anything.

Asset insights and metrics: Gives creative teams, including designers, photographers and videographers, insight tools to measure how much content each site creates by tracking the work of writers, editors and anyone else involved in content creation. This is an essential view into your DAM that lets you focus your teams on creating the kinds of assets you truly need.

As organizations look to deliver dynamic, relevant content to their audiences, DAM will be essential to managing their digital assets. With its powerful search and functionality, Brightspot Media Desk delivers a one-stop solution for organizations looking to maximize the productivity and efficiency of their content creation in order to deliver the best possible customer experience.