Overriding RSS settings at the asset level

You can override site-level RSS settings for individual assets. For example, if you configured an RSS feed for all your site's tags, you can override those settings for a specific tag.

Some content types require prerequisites to be met before establishing an RSS feed:
  • All assets must have an SEO title in order for RSS feeds to appear. Most assets have this field automatically generated by default; however, ensure that your asset has an SEO title by checking the SEO tab.
  • In order to successfully configure RSS feeds for homepage and page assets, they must include an inline list in their Content field. The list must be inline and not shared.
  • For other assets, the RSS feed defaults to recently published assets; however, if an inline list exists, the RSS feed defaults to that instead.

To override RSS settings at the asset level:

  1. Search for or create an asset for which RSS is configured. The asset must be one of the content types listed in RSS.
  2. Under Advanced, expand RSS Settings.
    RSS settings on asset RSS settings on asset
    RSS settings at asset level
  3. Using the table below as a reference, configure RSS settings for the asset.
  4. Complete your site's workflow and publish the asset.
Disable Feed Toggle on to remove this asset's RSS feed. (A visitor's RSS reader may retain a previously retrieved feed.)
Render Full Content Toggle on to deliver an asset's entire text—not just the title or headline—to the RSS feed as plain text.
Enabled Feed Item Types Select the content types to which these settings apply, or leave blank to apply the settings to all content types. For example, if you are publishing a section, you can select Article in this field so that these settings apply only to articles with a section.

The following illustration is an example of overriding RSS settings for the section Webinars. Regardless of the configuration for sections at the site level, the following is true for the RSS feed for the section Webinars:

  • Brightspot includes only press releases in the Webinars RSS feed.
  • Brightspot includes in the RSS feed only the headline or title, not the body text.
RSS settings applied at asset level RSS settings applied at asset level
Example of asset-level RSS setting

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