Learn about the differences between the monolithic, legacy CMS of the past and the more modern, agile platforms of today. Plus the five key features and benefits you can expect from the next generation of CMS technology.
Digital transformation has caused media companies much strife for nearly two decades. But the tides are finally shifting back in their favor. See how you can thrive amidst the omni-channel chaos by embracing these three trends.
To truly understand the differences between legacy and modern CMS, let’s take a close look at the key characteristics defining each. This chart breaks down the distinguishing components of traditional CMS (pre-digital) and its more modern counterparts.

Hear why Headless is the hot new thing in CMS architecture. And while headless isn't the best fit for everyone, it should be considered if you're looking for a solution that provides maximum control, front-end flexibility, and developer freedom.
Join the Walmart dream team as they discuss why they chose Brightspot to alleviate their most painful publishing roadblocks. Plus the evolution of content management and five reasons to replatform to a modern system. Featuring Caitlin Brown, Sr. Manager of Digital Strategy at Walmart.
Hear how the nation's largest public broadcaster, WGBH, transformed its digital strategy with audience-first engagement using deep personalization across TV, print, radio, and web. Our featured presenter, Bob Kempf, VP of Digital at WGBH, explains how the company adopted more modern solutions to drive success.

Product Videos
Get your very first glimpse of the Brightspot dashboard and learn some of the ways it can make your publishing life easier.
See how Brightspot's unified and federated search empowers you to quickly find what you're looking for, both inside and outside the system.
Our InDesign plug-in enables content publishers to "push" content from web format to print, along with two-way content synchronization.

In the News
Grupo Expansión, Mexico’s leading magazine publisher, relaunched four separate websites Quien.com, Lifeandstyle.mx, Expansion.mx, Adnpolitico.com on Brightspot
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WGBH, the nation’s preeminent public media company, has relaunched two separate websites on one powerful CMS, Brightspot.
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Cablefax recognizes Hallmark Channel, a Brightspot customer with two awards for Best Overall Website and Best Website Redesign.
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