Content Publishing Trends in 2021 and Beyond

As content has become an essential element of the customer journey, every business is becoming a content business to compete in the digital world. In this informative webinar, join our panel of industry leaders as they share insights about content marketing trends, how they’re preparing for the year ahead and some predictions for what lies ahead in 2021.
Headless and GraphQL have been trending topics for a while in the CMS space. Learn more here.
Join leaders from Johnson & Johnson and Walmart to discuss communication during the pandemic.
Find out why a CMS should be at the core of the eCommerce technology stack.

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Learn more about using Brightspot Content Business Platform with these training tutorials.
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Get started with Brightspot

Learn more about using Brightspot Content Business Platform with these training tutorials.
Looking to learn more about data modeling and back-end development using Brightspot? Start with this training, led by our world-class team of experts.
Looking to learn more about handlebars and front-end engineering using Brightspot? Start with this training, led by our world-class team of experts.
Documentation for creating, publishing, developing, and administering Brightspot and Brightspot applications.

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Watch our on-demand webinar for an in-depth guide to headless CMS considerations and the GraphQL query language.
Watch Navigating Corporate Communications During COVID-19 with Leadership from Johnson & Johnson and Walmart for insights into how two top global brands have transformed their communication strategies to adapt to our new reality.
Watch this on-demand webinar for insights into how top global brands use content and brand storytelling for more engaging customer experiences.
Justin Laurenzi from Mattress Firm and Jonathan Pytell from Sotheby’s join us to discuss their digital content transformation experiences and how they’ve worked to seamlessly interweave content with commerce throughout the customer journey.
A step-by-step guide for rapid go-to-market transformation with a single-site or multisite launch.
A technical buyer’s guide to headless CMS architecture and the GraphQL query language.

Find out how the right CMS overcomes challenges, streamlines operations and boosts revenue.
Everything you need to launch and maintain an intranet that improves internal communications and nurtures your most valuable audience: your employees.
Find out why utilizing a content hub is at the heart of successful digital transformation.
A robust digital asset management (DAM) solution will bring order to the creative process, create a consistent brand narrative and support stronger collaboration.
The landscape for delivering experiences through content has changed. What are the key features of a modern content business platform?
As the need to transform digitally increases, businesses’ likely first question is, “Where do we begin?”
Walmart can now display the heart and soul behind the giant company with its optimal storytelling and conversation platform. Learn how Brightspot helped.
With Brightspot, POLITICO has achieved its global ambition: deliver customized content, in real time, to every user on any device. Find out how.

Brightspot helped National Geographic’s editors and producers organize, present and deliver dynamic multimedia experiences faster and easier than ever before.
Sotheby's has been uniting collectors with world-class works of art for more than 250 years. See how Brightspot is helping them win in the digital world.
By  Brightspot Staff
January 22, 2021
Multichannel marketing has been a growing tactic for years as consumers use more and more channels. Recently, the newer concept of “omnichannel marketing” has also come to the fore. Omnichannel is an evolution of multichannel, and the two disciplines can sometimes be challenging to distinguish.
5 Min Read
By  Brightspot Staff
January 18, 2021
GraphQL is a query language that enables the connection of programming APIs that enable headless CMS integrations like those possible through the Brightspot Content Business Platform. For digital-media teams, GraphQL supports two of the most important factors in content development: speed and flexibility.
5 Min Read
By  Brightspot Staff
January 14, 2021
Nine out of ten web pages get no search traffic from Google—representing an opportunity for many businesses to boost their SEO strategies, and make SEO a priority this year. To get started, here are three essential SEO tools for organizations and publishers to keep in mind.
2 Min Read
January 11, 2021
A mobile CMS is critical to organizations that need accommodate content contributors, like news reporters and photojournalists, who aren't always at a desk or near a laptop. Brightspot takes this one step further with its "Email to CMS" feature, which allows contributors to file content to the CMS directly from an email client on their smartphone like Gmail or Outlook.
3 Min Read
Built by DevOps engineers for DevOps engineers, here are eight great features in our Ops Desk product that are made to make engineering teams' lives more efficient and effective when managing multiple cloud resources and instances.
The dynamic pages feature gives you the ability to publish content once and have it appear multiple places on your site.
Brightspot Readymade allows you to adjust and preview your site's front end quickly, easily and without intervention from a front-end developer or your IT department.
No need to contact IT. With Brightspot, you can update your website’s navigation, making your publishing experience more customized.

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Build a digital workplace intranet designed to foster a secure, lively community through personalized, relevant interactions.

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