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Viewing sitemaps

You can view sitemaps using Dari’s Database Query tool.

To view a sitemap:

  1. In your web browser, navigate to http://brightspot-host/_debug/.
  2. Click Database: Query.
  3. From the All Types list, select Site Map (com.psddev.sitemap.SiteMap).
  4. In the Additional Fields field, enter getUniqueKey(). Your query looks similar to the following:
    getUniqueKey example.png
    getUniqueKey example
  5. Click Run. Brightspot lists the available sitemaps.
    List of available sitemaps.png
    List of available sitemaps
  6. Click a sitemap’s link in the Label column. The sitemap’s URL appears in the retrieved record.
    Sitemap JSON.png
    Sitemap URL example
  7. Paste the URL into a web browser.
    Paste sitemap URL into browser.png
    Pasting the sitemap URL into a browser
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