Most creators struggle to find the digital asset they need when they need it. The result: underutilized assets, wasted money and publication delays. Mediadesk, powered by federated search, a custom front-end and artificial intelligence, solves this problem by making your digital assets easy to find, both to partners and users.

Powerful Search
Mediadesk was built on top of a powerful search engine, making finding, editing, and creating content as easy as it gets. Flexible search will display all available content appropriate to the object selected, and the fields associated with that content object will adjust depending on the object.
Unified Library
Searching for and managing content in disparate systems is tedious; countless costly hours are spent every day on this task alone. Mediadesk unifies and updates digital asset metadata across all integrations, seamlessly bringing assets under one roof and enabling access to consolidated media libraries in real time.
Roles & Permissions
Mediadesk's granular user and roles permission system allows admins to create custom roles that set site, tool, and asset-level permissions for all users.
CMS Workflows
Drag-and-draw workflows allow admin users to create custom workflows, including custom statuses and transitions, and apply them to specific sites and individual asset types.
Image Editing
Image Editing
Bring life to your digital experiences with great assets. Mediadesk contains a streamlined yet powerful selection of image editing tools, all completely provisional, so you can experiment as much as you like without changing the original asset.
DAM Analytics
Mediadesk gives you the ability to view analytics across personalized dashboards, assets, and search performance, where they can be used for queries.
Authenticated Access
Mediadesk offers multiple single sign-on and authentication options. No more wasting time finding another password or resetting forgotten passwords. Authenticated access provides admins greater security controls.
DAM multisite
Multichannel Distribution
Package content together, share to thousands of licensed sites, and edit/update that content directly with Mediadesk. Leverage collaborations by giving an entire editorial team access across one system, regardless of the site they manage.
Digital Asset Management Slack Integration
Collaboration + Custom Alerts
Communication between all users is managed with Mediadesk. Customize how you alert others, whether through email, Slack, text or any other device your company uses.
More Mediadesk Features
Integrates With Your Martech Stack
Mediadesk offers broad integrations out of the box to ensure all components of your marketing stack effectively communicate with each other.
Digital Rights Management
Mediadesk supports digital rights management and licensing, so you can manage usage and expiration of content directly in the system.
Customizable Dashboards
Users can create dashboards at a global, role, or user level, putting the most relevant information to help that user do their daily job front and center.
Multi-Language DAM
Asset management is often a global effort for corporations and newsrooms. Mediadesk supports multi-language publishing, allowing the delivery of content in any language. The DAM itself can be localized to display in any language.
Reporting and Analytics
Review performance metrics within the DAM via the built-in Brightspot analytics. Brightspot captures page views, unique visits, visits and more and allows for the presentation of that data in multiple visuals and across multiple time periods.
Supports delivery of workflow and publish notifications by Slack, browser, email, or text. With Slack, users can receive notifications to a channel or via direct message.
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