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Adding callback URIs to a Facebook app

The procedure in the section Connecting Brightspot to a Facebook app generated a service ID that you pasted into a text editor. With that service ID you add two callback URIs to your Facebook app that allow your Brightspot instance to log in to Facebook and to post to profiles and pages. The callback URIs have the following formats:<serviceID>&action=USER_AUTH_CALLBACK<serviceID>&action=PAGES_AUTH_CALLBACK

To add a callback URI to a Facebook app:
  1. Return to Facebook's Client OAuth Settings widget for your app.

    Client OAuth Settings.png
    Client OAuth settings

  2. In the Valid OAuth Redirect URIs field, enter the two callback URIs for your Brightspot instance: one for action=USER_AUTH_CALLBACK and another for action=PAGES_AUTH_CALLBACK.

    Valid OAuth Redirect URIs.png

  3. Click Save Changes.
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