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Brightspot Integrations Guide
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JSReport document generation

Brightspot seamlessly integrates with JSReport, enhancing document generation capabilities. In response to limitations observed with traditional HTML → PDF tools, this collaboration presents a practical solution for creating dynamic documents. The integration allows users to generate customized PDFs, Word documents, Excel sheets, and PowerPoint presentations directly from Brightspot, utilizing JSReport's template-based approach for a robust document generation process.

What is JSReport?

JSReport is a server-based service that utilizes Handlebars templates to produce various document types. These templates, along with associated assets, are stored on the JSReport server, and documents are generated by making REST calls with the required data in JSON format.

Integration Overview

Brightspot's integration with JSReport offers a straightforward yet powerful set of features:

  • Document Generation API—APIs for generating a document for a provided object. Both a generic API and one leveraging Brightspot's View System are provided.
  • Config API—An API for providing configuration details for connecting to a JSReport server. A default implementation is provided for which configuration details are retrieved from environment settings.
  • Preview Implementation—An implementation of Brightspot's Preview System for JSReport, allowing editors a live preview of generated documents in the CMS.
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