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Integrating Google Vision

With Google Vision, you can quickly associate search terms with images. Editors can then search for and use your images in their own content.

The following table lists the dependencies required to include the Google Vision integration in your build.

Dependency Group ID Artifact ID
Image Recognition: Google Vision com.psddev image-recognition-google

To integrate Google Vision:

  1. Click menu> Admin > Sites & Settings > Sites > Global.
  2. Click search, located to the left of more_horiz, and type Image Recognition.
  3. From the Provider list, select Google Vision Recognition Provider
  4. Under Confidence Levels, do the following:
    1. Click add_circle_outline.
    2. In the Google Vision Confidence Level form, from the Category list, select one of the available categories.
    3. In the Level field, enter a confidence value for image recognition. Generally, higher confidence levels provide more accurate results (fewer false positives) but may miss some matches (more false negatives).
    4. Repeat steps a–c to configure levels for other categories.

      Google Vision image recognition form Google Vision image recognition form
      Setting the minimum confidence levels for Amazon Rekognition

  5. Click Save.

Google Vision is configured, and editors can view the results of an analysis in the content edit form.

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